Daw's Corner Cemetery, Batavia NY


Harvey, b. November 25, 1802; d. Clamored April 23, 1883

Mary (Dunham), wife of Harvey, died July 16,1860,aged 60y 5m


Arthur, d. June 9, 1882, aged 36y 7m 6d; Co. H. 8th N. Y. H. Art., Civil War

John J., d. August 2, 1874, aged 30y 10m, Co. D, 28th Pa. Vol.


Joseph, d. January 19, 1834, aged 49y

Polly, daughter of Joseph & Polly, d. March 12, 1827, aged 11y 6m


Martha Ann, daughter of Nathaniel & Abigail, d. January 5, 1843, aged 13y 2m 17d

Another grave beside it.


Harriet, daughter of Robert & Amanda, d. May11, 1844, aged 10 y 8m 6d


Laura A., 1831-1913, on Gregory lot.


James, d. April 15, 1839, aged 49y

Maryette, d. August 28, 1838, aged 19y

Polly L., daughter of James & Polly; d. June 15, 1830, aged 1y 9m


Capt. Cornelius killed in the Battle of the Wilderness, Va., d. May 6, 1864 in his 27th year.

Dr. James A., d. August 2, 1858, aged 64y

Caroline, wife of Dr. James, d. June 18, 1862, aged 53y (C. C. B.)

Mary Urilla, daughter of James & Sarah Ann, d. August 17,1817, aged 16y 11m 8d (M. U. B.)

In memory of Mrs. Juliann, consort of Dr. James who died May 4, 1826, aged 26y 6m

"May angels with their guardian wings,

This Dreary Tomb o'verspread,

And guard until the close of time.

This mansion of the dead."


Caroline M. (Canfield), wife of James, d. January 14, 1849, aged 46y


Ira, died July 26, 1861, aged 79y

In memory of his wife, Elizabeth who died Oct. 7, 1828, aged 43y

Harriet J., wife of Ira, d. January 28, 1858, aged 54y


Napoleon B., d. February 15, 1848, aged 48y

Louisa A., wife of Napoleon B., d. December 24, 1862, aged 72y 6m

Eugene, son of Napoleon B. & Louisa A., d. March 23, 1833, aged 1y 18d

Frederick W., son of Napoleon B. & Louisa A., d. November 23, 1846, aged 10m 19d

Mary, relict of Richard, d. June 5, 1846, aged 88y

Obliterated slate stone.


Infant sons of Cyrus & Fannie


Mary A., wife of M., died January 10, 1864, aged 45y


Joseph, b. at Concord, N. Hamp., March 24, 1786; March 7, 1851

3 stones, one was, M. A. B., one F. W. B., one M. C. B.


David, Esq., b. March 6, 1781; d. September 28, 1852, aged 71y

Urilly (Hamilton), wife of David, d. February 13, 1844, aged 63y 2m 27d, Field, Albion, N. Y.

Cyrenus W., Attorney at Law, son of David & Urilly, d. December 7, 1824, aged 25y 24d

Achsah (Reed), sister of David

Mercy, mother of David

Isaac Hamilton, father of Urilly


Sarah A., b. October 13, 1823

Eliza A., daughter of William & Sarah, d. January 27, 1858, aged 10y 11m

Two small slabs, not marked

Melvin E., d. March 11, 1889, aged 37y

Marian, wife of Melvin E., d. March 7, 1886, aged 28y

Frank E., 1861-1909


George B., 1862-19

Clara B, wife of George B., 1864-19

Dana D., 1899-1915


Howard M., 1891-1923

Cole, 1875-1882

Sarah A. (Pease), wife of Howard, 1852-19

Orrin S. (Mason), d. July 27, 1864, aged 48y

Melvina A., wife of Orrin S., d. September 18, 1888, aged 68y

Another grave.

Adelbert D., 1849-1919

Olive A., 1851-1922

Charles, son of Adelbert D. & Olive A., d. October 15, 1875, aged 3y


Henry, d. May 31, 1855, aged 54y 6m


Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher & Ann; d. July 18, 1859, aged 6y

Christopher, d. March 16, 1882, aged 67y 5m

Ann M., wife of Christopher, d. October 1, 1894, aged 76y 8m


Jared, 1842-1877, "Father"

Martha J., 1840-1911, "Mother"

The remainder on this lot spell their names - Kulp


Franklin T., 1812-1920


Martha, wife of Sidney, d. April 10, 1877, aged 44y

1 stone obliterated, One J. W. D. One S. D.


Deborah, wife of James, d. November 23, 1819, aged 54y 2m 2d

Stone obliterated.

John D., son of James & Deborah, d. September 16, 1834, aged 18y


Homer, d. August 19, 1867, aged 66y 4m

Lucinda, wife of Homer, d. June 23, 1869, aged 58y 5m

Mary E., daughter of Homer & Lucinda, d. November 20, 1846, aged 10y 5m 10d

Lovina, daughter of Homer & Lucinda, d. August 4, 1853, aged 10y 1m

Peter, d. August 11,1835, aged 67y

Lovina, wife of Peter, d. July 27, 1860, aged 94y 9m


Joseph C., 1853-

Calista C., 1857-1918

An old, old small stone - obliterated.


James W., son of James & Sally, d. May 3, 1842, aged 3 (?)


Phineas, b. in 1765; d. June 5,1854, aged 89y 5m

Ruth, wife of Phineas, d. July 17, 1833, aged 62y 1m 19d

"Beloved in life, lamented in death;

Lord she was thine, and not my own;

Thou hast not done me wrong.

I thank Thee Lord for thy precious loan,

Afforded me so long."

Rachel, 2nd wife of Phineas, d. January 23 or 25, 1853, aged 88y


Amasa E., 1833- 1866

Sarah, wife of Amasa E., 1830- 1910

George E., 1854-

Nettie H., wife of George E., 1856-

Two small stones

8 graves not marked


Col. Shubael, d. September 1, 1848, aged 66y quotation from 4th Chapter 7- 8 Ver. 2nd Timothy.

In memory of Fanny Dunham, wife of Shubael, who died January 30,1831 in her 43rd year.

"The night dew that falls,

Though in silent it weeps,

Shall brighten the grave where she sleeps;

And the tear we shed, though in secret in rolls,

Shall long keep her memory fresh in our souls. " L. L. Morse, Rochester, N. Y.

Solomon, d. July 21,1861, aged 77y

Jerusha, wife of James, d. February 5, 1827,aged 45y

In memory of Lucius F., d. February 8, 1834, aged 32y


Horatio, d. February 3, 1844, aged 49y

8 small stones, J. D. D. - another P.D. and 3 other stones


Rodney R., 1838-1903

Elizabeth A., 1849-19

Fanny, infant daughter of Rodney and Elizabeth A., 1835


John, 1829-1904

Sophia, wife of John, 1837-1890


Elizabeth S. (Lee), wife of R. H., d. Feb. (obliterated.)

Elizabeth-Chester-Lucius, Fellows & McIntyre, Batavia, N. Y.


Milo L., son of Eden and Anna S. (Stone) Foster, d. March 30, 1875, aged 61y 5 m

Harriet J., wife of Milo, b. August 22, 1815; d. January 8, 1908

Jerome A. C., son of Milo & Harriet, d. February 27, 1843, aged 4y 4m 27d

Eliza A., daughter of Milo & Harriet, d. February 3, 1843, aged 8y 17d

Eden (A Mason), d. September 13, 1859, aged 70y

Anna, wife of Eden, d. September 24, 1849, aged 72y

Eden P., son of Eden and Anna S. (Stone) Foster, d. April 9, 1866, aged 29y 7m

"Our mother" Elizabeth, wife of Eden Foster Sr., d. September 27, 1869, aged 70y

Sacred to the memory of Lemuel Foster Esq., b. in 1763, who died August 25, 1824,aged 61y

"Here safely moored among the peaceful dead,

And from his labors rests his weary head;

No waves of trouble roll around his breast,

Nor grists of sorrow more disturb his rest. " L. L. Morse, Rochester

William, d. August 29, 1825, aged 75y

Esther, wife of William, d. April 15, 1829, aged 78y

Joseph, d. January 9, 1871 in his 82nd year

Jane, wife of Joseph, d. June 23, 1866, aged 80y

A.F. (on stone)


William, died October 5, 1890,aged 79y

Laura A., wife of William, d. June 26, 1901, aged 60y

Sarah E., daughter of William & Laura, died August 26, 1859, aged 3y

Two small one

Harriet, wife of William, d. June 22, 1840, aged 24y 6m

John H., son of William & Laura, d. November 17, 1844, aged 5m

William A, 1846-1922

M. Amanda, 1852-1924


James, 18269-1900

Perhaps wife-Laura A. (Bement), 1829-1900


A. J., 1842-1910,"Mother"

Ida J., daughter of C. D. & A.J. Griffin, d. March 19, 1871, aged 3y 6m 9d

Winnie, 1870-1886

Edie B., daughter of C. D. & A. J., d. October 7, 1862, aged 3 weeks

Archibald, 1853- 1925

Cora B., wife of Archibald, 1857-19


Ezekiel, 1794-1891

Sara Smiley, wife of Ezekiel, 1801-1886

Eunice E., daughter of Ezekiel & Sarah S., 1837-1854

Nancy M., daughter of Ezekiel & and Sarah S. 1824; d. September 30, 1825, aged 1y 8m 9d

O. Delos, 1831-1904

Katie A. Mercer, wife of O. Delos, 1833-1911


Almira, wife of Daniel B., d. April 18, 1871, aged 56y

"How sweet she shone in social life, as daughter,

Sister, parent, and wife.

Now done with all below the sun,

She shines before the highest throne."


Jonathan, d. May 18, 1840, aged 70y 11m 8d

Charity, wife of Jonathan, d. August 16, 1837, aged 65y

Adaline, d. May 5, 1833, aged 26y


Siles, d. March 25, 1871,aged 70y 6m 15d

Anna, wife of Siles, d. March 18, 1892,aged 88y 5m 9d

Mortimer, son of Siles & Anna, d. June 6, 1863, aged 29y 6m 15d

Printes, d. March 11, 19867, aged 40y

Mary, daughter of P. & A. J. d. February 14, 1862, aged 1y 3m

Marion, daughter of P. & A. J., d. May 2, 1862, aged 2y 6m 17d

Minnie, daughter of P. & A. J., d. December 17, 1870, aged 8y 10m 26d


Isaac, d. April 22, 1847, aged 66y

Another broken off beside it


Aseneth, wife of Comfort, d. May 1, 1846, aged 47y


In memory of Mr. Ichabod Hinckley who died August 6, 1824 aged 60y

"God my Redeemer lives,

And even from the skies,

Looks down and watches all my dust,

"Till he shall bid it rise."


Milly, wife of Pliny, d. October 6, 1836, aged 55y

"Free from affliction, toll, and care,

The hungry soul is freed;

These bones, they shall slumbered,

Among the silent dead. "

Sally W., daughter of Pliny & Milly, d. September 10, 1836, aged 18y

"My flesh shall slumber in the graves,

Till the last trumpet, etc."


Samuel, d. September 6, 1828, aged 62y E. & S., Leroy New York


Simeon, b. May 7, 1854 at Hartford Conn.; d. December 9, 1831 in the 77th year of his age in Elba, N.Y.

A patriotic soldier of the revolution. Enlisted on March 23, 1776 & discharged December 4, 1776.Was in Maj. Sheldon's Reg. of Light Horse Washington's retreat acre the Jersies; enlisted in the 3rd Reg. as Sergt. for duration of the War, 1777 & served from May 4, 1777 to August 11, 1778 in Capt. Barnard's Co.

"My Savior shall my life restore,

And raise me from my dark abode;

My flesh and soul shall part no more,

But dwell forever with my God."

In memory of Lucretia, wife of Simeon, b. September 13,1753 at Hartford, Conn., d. March 23, 1829 at Elba, N. Y., aged 75y

"The sweet remembrance of the just,

Shall flourish, tho they sleep in dust. "

Rozina, d. June 23, 1869, aged 32y

"Why should our tears in sorrow flow,

When God recalls his own. "

Simeon, d. September 14, 1849, aged 64y

A. H. on Haight lot.

Achsah, wife of Simeon, d. October 10, 1872, aged 83y 6m


Phebe, wife of Asa, d. April 10, 1833, aged 33y

Also infant son


Sylvanus, d. November 23, 1843, aged 79y

Betsy, d. February 15, 1845, aged 74y

Luke, d. July 26, 1831 aged 41y

Dwight V. d. August 31, 1834, aged 23y


Tracy, b. April 3, 1796; d. January 6, 1882

Lois Baker, b. February 18, 1814; d. February 11, 1873

Sherman B., b. January 13, 1836; d. May 24, 1873

Stephen L., 1873-1926

George, 1864-1913

Uriah, 1831-1910

Isabelle, wife of Uriah, 1836-1913

Frances E., 1861-

S. S. J. and 4 other stones, obliterated

Stephen, d. April 4, 1863, aged 69y

Rebecca, wife of Stephen, d. May 29, 1876, aged 67y

Samuel, d. September 2, 1840, aged 88y Revolutionary Soldier


John, 1842-1913

Susan, wife of John, 1846-1915

Silas, stone buried below ground

Lydia, wife of Silas, died June 16, 1843, aged 63y


John, 1834-1906 Co. C., 8th Reg. N. Y. H. Art. Civil War

One stone no marking

Silas A., b. November 11, 1819; d. February 19, 1893

Lydia A., wife of Silas; b. March 12, 1831, d. February 11, 1872

Charles A., b. October 15, 1854; d. October 2, 1921

George -


William, b. July 29, 1758; d. May 25, 1823

Elizabeth Carr, wife of William, b. June 6, 1761; d. October 25, 1843

Capt. Thomas J., son of William & Elizabeth, b. February 10, 1804

Margaret, daughter of William & Elizabeth, b. March 13, 1787; d. February 28, 1855.

Alexander, son of William & Elizabeth, b. March 30, 1790, d. October 31, 831

Mary, daughter of William and Elizabeth, b. June 4, 1793, d. July 13, 1863

Elizabeth, daughter of William & Elizabeth, b. January 19, 1796; d. March 3, 1836

William, son of William & Elizabeth, b. July 16, 1793; d. April 13,1822

Harriet, daughter of William & Elizabeth, b. November 13, 1800; d. February 8, 1879


Andelucia, daughter of D. & C., d. September 18, 1852; aged 2y 10m


Nicholas J., 1842-1904

Mary H., 1871-1919


In memory of John M. Knickerbocker who died October 2, 1829 aged 36y 4m

"Behold and see as you pass by, as you are now,

So once was I; as I am now, so you must be;

Prepared for death and follow me,

Oh, disappointed consort dear,

Your hopes how have they fled!

Your piercing grief nor friendly ear,

Could save me from the dead."

Ann Loyd, wife of J H Knickerbocker, d. April 8, 1847, aged 51 years

"Tis finished, tis done, the spirit is fled,

The prisoner is gone, the Christian dead;

The Christian is triumphant through Jesus loves, etc. line buried.


Jane, 1841-1913 "Mother"

Our little Frankie, son of Jerry and Martha, died June 25, 1871, aged 1y 9m


Frankie, son of John Jr. and Caroline, died March 10, 1853, aged 19 y

Jerusha, daughter of John Jr. and Caroline, d. May 24, 1856, aged 17 y 5 m

John D., son of John Jr. and Caroline, d. October 29, 1861, aged 32years

Also stone-P. L.

John, died March 15, 1855, aged 9y

Phebe, wife of John, died October 9, 1858, aged 78 y

"He's gone, his father took him home,

He's gone to dwell with Saints above,

He's gone a guilded harp to string,

And swell the notes to Christ is King."


John, 1822-1912

Margaret, wife of John 1820-1910

Sarah, mother of John, b. June 14, 1794; died March 20, 1883


Celia E., 1870-1921

Another unmarked grave.


Jennette A., wife of Solomon H., died January 27, 1842, aged 29 y

Jennette Lucy, daughter of Solomon and Jennette, died May 1, 1855, aged 17 y


Harvey, died September 8, 1831, aged 73 y

Martha (Lamberton), wife of Harvey, died May 7, 1834, aged 73y

Levi, died September 14, 1863, aged 38y

Stone broken off beside it

Prudence, wife of Levi, died September 23, 1858, aged 81y

Sarah, died November 22, 1888, aged 71y

Allen S., 1843-896

Frances L., 1849-1924


John, died July 9, 1876, aged 64 y

Margaret, wife of John, d. May 1, 1835, aged 73y


William, (A mason), buried in ground so it could not be read.

Margaret McDermid, d. January 2, 1843, aged 32 y


Sarah, wife of Thomas, b. December 8,1852; d. March 23, 1882

Nellie J., daughter of Thomas and Sarah, b. May 1, 1880; d. April 23, 1882

Willie G., son of Thomas and Sarah, b. February 8, 1882; d. September 6, 1882


Our Mother Lois, born May 10, 1821; died April 2, 1890


Maria, wife of George W., d. September 10, 1842, aged 24y 2m 19d

John, d. January 22, 1848, aged 82y 6m

>In the memory of Ann, wife of John died in 1831 aged 68y

John Jr., died May 7, 1840, aged 38y 4m 25d

Mary A., wife of John, d. June 1, 1879, aged 72y "our mother"

Alexander, 1838 - 1897

Elizabeth, 1859-

John , 1835 - 1913

John A., 1889 - 1919, son of Alexander and Elizabeth


Abigail, >wife of Samuel, d. September 2, 1838, aged 57 years


Louis, d. 1895

Minnie died in 1897


George W., 1852 -

Jennie, wife of George W., 1858 - 1917


Madison, son of Isaac and Catharine, d. December 14, 1845, aged 24y 5m 21d

Rosina, daughter of Isaac and Catharine, Stone sunk in ground

One plain with Marvin


Edwin C., son of Charles and Almira, d. September 8, 1859, aged 1y 5m 14d

Freddie J., son of Charles and Almira, d. September 9, 1859, aged 3y 5m 29d

Alice G., daughter of Charles and Almira, d. September 18, 1859 aged 5y 7m 2d


Uri, d. June 19, 1886, aged 92y

Lorinda wife of Uri, d. February 28,1840, aged 38y

Susan, 2nd wife of Uri, d. January 29, 1877, aged 71y

Cordelia, daughter of Uri and Lorinda, d. July 27, 1828, aged 3m

Sarah, daughter of Uri and Susan, d. April 5, 1853, aged 5y

John R., 1846 - 1919

Harriet Pease, wife of John R., 1850 - 1916


saac, died January 15, 1857 @ 78y

Martha, wife of Isaac died May 27, 1856, aged 60y

Isaac B., died July 10, 1894, aged 70y

Caroline M., wife of Isaac, d. January 14, 1886, aged 56y


Edward born October 29,1825, died December 4, 1909

Harriet A. born June 6, 1826 died March 5, 1913

Mary, daughter of Edward and Harriet, died September 23, 1880 aged 26y "Gone but not forgotten."


Ward W., aged 2 m


Lyman, 1838 - 1913

Mary, wife of Lyman 1850 -

Frances L., wife of Lyman, died February 24, 1871 aged 32y

Morrison P., 1841 - 1950

Nelson 1847 - 1922

Laura E., 1851 - 1922


In memory of Napoleon O., son of Susanna Ranger who died March 11, 1812, aged 5y 11d

Stop, kind reader drop the tear,

Not for the dust that moulders;

But for my mother, who alone doth grieve,

O'er my sad and lonely grave."


Justina, wife of George W. died December 20, 1884, aged 43y


William, died May 18, 1854 aged 55y


Mary, daughter of Jason and Lucy, born March 5, 1822; died March 15, 1834


Samuel, born in 1752; died September 2, 1840

Mercy, wife of Cyrus, died March 4, 1885, aged 77y



John, died January 10, 1851 in the 82nd year of his age

Elizabeth, wife of John, died September 14, 1853, aged 79y


John W., died June 8, 1850 aged 51y

Jane E., died May 5, 1838 aged 7y

Charles S., died November 19, 1859 aged 37y

D. C., died January 17, 1861

St. John

Silas, died November 2, 1844, aged 81y

Lois wife of Silas, died January 23, 1848, aged 75y

Harriet Eliza, daughter of William and Patience , died April 26, 1850, aged 20y 10m 26d

"Friends my younger days,

None knew thee but to love thee,

None named thee but to praise.

May we meet on that blessed shore?

Where parting words are said no more."

Two other stones

William, 1796 - 1864

Patience (Haight), wife of William 1798 - 1879


Captain Chester died November 9, 1868 aged 78y "War of 1812"

Elizabeth H., wife of Captain Chester, born February 11, 1796; died November 25, 1883


Eleanor, wife of Dyer, died March 3, 1845, aged 50 y and 8d

"Oh, dearest friend, thy spirit fled,

To Heaven, thy pure and peaceful rest,

Where we may meet thro' Christ who bled,

To part no more and be forever blest.

Another demolished stone.


Clark, died May 17, 1873 aged 43y 5m 21d

Adaline S., wife of Clark, died March 15, 1873 aged 25y 3m 4d

Mary A., wife of Clark, died December 25, 1866 aged 20y 9m 14d

Ora M., daughter of Clark and Adaline, 1871-1889


Dr. Francis, died March 23, 1844, aged 85y and 1m

Eunice, wife of Francis, died June 15, 1851, aged 74y

Dr. Robinson, died April 11, 1863, aged 58y 2m 3d

Florette H., wife of Robinson, died may 7, 1863, aged 57y 2m 3d

Sally W., daughter of Robinson and Florette, died July 14, 1842, aged 1y 4m 6d

Ellen L., daughter of Robinson and Florette, died January 25, 1857, aged 7y 5m 9d

Mina A., daughter of Orlando and Lucy, died January 15, 1864, aged 1y

Eunice, wife of Orlando M, died January 31, ????

Another stone- obliterated

Sally Buck wife of ????, died May 6, 1841, aged 23y

Also infant son, 2 days old.


Content, wife of John, died May 14, 1837, aged 28y 5m 14d


Henry, 1855-1912

William, born December 27, 1824, died September 27, 1882

Elizabeth, wife of William, died December 27, 1885, aged 61y


Solomon, died May 12, 1849, aged 42y 8m "Father"

Mercy, wife of Solomon, died May 16, 1885, aged 76y

Ellen, daughter of Solomon and Mercy, died May 31, 1872, aged 32y 2m 24d

Samuel, died May 7, 1867, aged 50y

"A light is from our housefield gone,

A voice we loved is stilled;

A place is vacant at our hearth,

Which never can be filled."

Jabell, died April 14, 1840, aged 43y

Olive, died February 6, 1889, aged 86y

Roxanna, 1815 - 1903


Celista, wife of martin and daughter of Sylvester and Laura Whitney, died April 20, 1850, aged 32y 9m 23d


Emily A. (Waldo), wife of Charles, 1848-1922

Charles Wesley, 1843-18??


Stone obliterated

Melissa, died October 25, 1862, aged 74y


Eliza, died April 22, 1891, aged 79y


Sophia, born July 28, 1824, died July 17, 1882.

Another stone obliterated


In memory of Elijah Thompson who died October 7, 1828, aged 59y

"While pity prompts the rising sigh,

Oh may this truth imprest-

With awful power, " I too must die

Sink deep in every breast."


Charles, 1840-1915

Mary A., wife of Charles, 1847-19??


Orlando, born May 19, 1800, died March 4, 1884, aged 84y

Mary H., 1st wife of Orlando, died May 14, 1832, aged 28y

Mary C., 2nd wife of Orlando, died July 16, 1878, aged 74y "Our Mother"

Albert W., 1834-1903

Margaret B., 1855-1907

Anson C., son of Orlando and Mary, died June 25, 1859, aged 3y

Reuben B., died December 9, 1905, aged 68y 1m

Elizabeth A., wife of Reuben, died October 15, 1872, aged 33y 2m

Albert William, son of Reuben and Elizabeth, died January 1, 1891, aged 21y 28d

Charles H., son of Reuben and Elizabeth, died December 13, 1876, aged 17y 1m


Sheldon C., 1837-1900

Laura W., wife of Sheldon, 1842-

Mary C., 1863-1865

Harry D., 1871-1873


Eber, died May 23, 1867, aged 74y 2d

Ann, wife of Eber, died October 26, 1882, aged 35y 3m 6d

Homer, died November 27, 1912, aged 35y 4m 20d

Mary J., wife of Homer, died March 22, 1867, aged 40y 14d

Amasa D., 1823-1905

Mary J., wife of Amasa, 1825-1906

Delia D., daughter of Amasa and Mary, died February 2, 1849

Hiram H., son of Amasa and Mary, died December 5, 1857, aged 4y

Laura F., daughter of Amasa and Mary, died August 4, 1866, aged 4y

William S., son of Amasa and Mary, died July 16, 1867, aged 22y

Susan M., wife of J. Howard, died December 12, 1873, aged 32y

Nathan, died December 26, 1840, aged 78y; Revolutionary Soldier

Deborah, wife of Nathan, died January 4, 1844, aged 79y

Samuel D., died October 4, 1844, aged 42y

Dulcinea, wife of Hiram, died March 23, 1845, aged 46y

Celia D., daughter of Hiram and Dulcinea, died March 23, 1846, aged 20y


John, died January 7, 1860, aged 37y; A native of Lincolnshire, Scotland.


In memory of Mr. Horace Walton who died September 25, 1826, aged 26y 6d

"The strong may think their home a rock,

Yet soon as Jesus calls;

Some sickness brings a fatal shock;

And down the building falls."

In memory of Mrs. Rhoena Walton, wife of Horace, died April 2, 1824, aged 18, 7m 13d

" The sweet remembrance of the just." Erected by her parents

Ruth, wife of James, died April 19, 1845, aged 67y

Philander, son of James and Ruth, died September 13, 1835, aged 11y 1m 21d

"Sleep on sweet child and take thy rest,

God called thee home, He tough it best."

Small stone- R. W.


Peter, died October 31, 1862, aged 25y 6m; Co. F. 129th Reg. C. B.

S. D. W.

Another plain stone on lot.


In memory of Mrs. Sarah Wheaton, wife of Joseph W., who departed this life February 23, 1816, aged 56y

In memory of Mrs. Harlow Wheaton who died November 7, 1825, aged 20y

Phebe, wife of Joseph, rest below ground.

Frederick L., son of Joseph and Phebe, died June 30, 1835, aged 2y 11d

Two stones broken off


Ann, 1843-1903

James, 1844-1906

James, 1823-1900

Jane, wife of James, (1900), 1819-1901

Susan, died February 9, 1888, aged 72y

One stone obliterated


Laura, wife of Sylvestus, died February 29, 1865, aged 73y 6m 18d

Sylvestus, died February 25, 1855, aged 69y 6m 11d


George, died October 13, 1839, aged 53y


George W., 1842-1921

Sanford, died May 4, 1891, aged 70y

Sarah A., wife of Sanford, died April 30, 1886, aged 60y

Cleveland, died June 19, 1893, aged 46y

Emma A., wife of Cleveland, and daughter of Darius D. and Emily Churchill, died November 18, 1880, aged 26y 10m

Amasa, died February 3, 1859, aged 67y 10m 16d

Annis, wife of Amasa, died December 17, 1842, aged 49y 2m

David, died January 19, 1859, aged 40y

Small stone- nothing


Harriet E., wife of Albert, died September 5, 1849, aged 20y


I. H., died September 23, 1862, aged 72

Sarah Jane, wife of I. H. and daughter of Amasa and Annis Wilber, died November 22, 1870, aged 36y


Charles, 1856-1921

Martha C., daughter of Ira and Harriet ______ died illegible


John T. born April 15, 1837

Prudence, wife of John, born April 15, 1837

Emma J., born January 18, 1864; died December 12, 1876

William J., born April 26, 1861, died December 22, 1876

Eliza R., born February 22, 1859, died April 3, 1904


N. M. H.

F. K.

S. M. H.

M. C. T.

On one lot M. A. S., D. W., L.W., S. W., 2 stone beside, R. D., J. A., C. P.

Our Eddie, died September 30, 1866, aged 7m no other near it.

On another: one stone obliterated, 5 with nothing on them

2 old obliterated stones

5 plain stones

Copied by Mrs. Mrs. Mary B. Wells & Frances M. Witmer, registrar, Te-car-na-wun-na Chapter, LeRoy, Genesee County, NY

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