TRANSIT ROAD CEMETERY is located on the on the west side of Transit Road, south of Sparks Road Junction, nine-tenths of a mile from route 20, between the town of Bethany and the town of Pavilion, Genesee County, New York. It is an abandoned cemetery. The first burial was in 1811 and the last in 1901.

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BAILOCK, Huldah M. 23 Mar 1887 Age 64y
BAILOCK, N. 29 Sep 1883 Age 56y
BAKER, Betsey R. 4 Sep 1874 Age 63y; wife of James Baker
BAKER, Elmina 24 Mar 1823 Age 16y; dau. of Seth C. & Cynthia Baker
BAKER, James 16 Jun 1887 Age 82y
BAKER, Polly 30 Mar 1851 Age 73y; wife of Stafford Baker: “Adieu, my friends, dry up
your tears, Here I must lie ‘til Christ appears.”
BARNEY, Chauncey 19 Sep 1807 - 19 Feb 1875
BARNEY, Parmelia 9 Nov 1805 - 6 Dec 1893 Wife of Chauncey
BARTLETT, William L. 27 Nov 1851 Age 56y

CHASE, Bathsheba G. 3 Feb 1842 Age 27y; wife of John S. Chase; “We loved her with hearts
sincere, But God was pleased to stop her young career.”
COLLINS, A. L. 18 May 1863 Age 48y; “Father”
COLLINS, Sarah E. 30 May 1887 Age 69y; wife of A. L. Collins; “Mother”

DAUCHY, Sarah 7 Sep 1865 Age 58y 9m; wife of Smith Dauchy

GILLET, Huldah 8 Nov 1875 Age 79y; wife of Joseph Gillet
GILLET, Joseph 3 May 1871 Age 77y
GILLET, Joseph M. 25 Jun 1834 Age 3y
GILLET, Mary 7 May 1881 Age 11y; Adopted dau. of Joseph & Huldah Gillet

HALLOCK, Huldah M. 23 Mar 1887 Age 64y
HALLOCK, N. 29 Sep 1883 Age 56y
HAMILTON, Robert 30 Oct 1813 Age 53y; “Stop and listen as you pass by, As you are now,
so once was I. As I am now, so you must be, Prepare for
death and follow me.”
HOLDEN, Lousette 12 Mar 1826 Age 1y 9m; dau of Metcalf & Amanda Holden

KNOWLTON, Daniel 4 Jul 1847 Age 71y
KNOWLTON, Little Frank J. 1856 - 19 Aug 1859 Age 2y 7m 25d
KNOWLTON, Lucy Obliterated Wife of David Knowlton
KNOWLTON, Mary 8 Oct 1874 Age 88y; wife of Daniel Knowlton
KNOWLTON, Phebe (Stewart) 1820 - 190 Wife of Thaddeus Knowlton
KNOWLTON, Thaddeus J. 1822 - 1896

MARSH, Clarissa 7 Aug 1867 Age 81y; wife of Jonathan Marsh
MARSH, Ida A. 1 Sep 1851 Age 1y 9m; dau. of Mendol W. & J. Marsh
MARSH, Jonathan 31 Jan 1871 Age 89y
MARSH, Jonathan Jr. 24 Feb 1842 Age 31y
MARSH, Mendol W. 1 Sep 1851
MARSH, Philena S. 7 Dec 1860 Age 25y 6m; dau. of Sewell & Sally Marsh; “We shall
meet again.”
MARSH, Sally Saphronia 18 Apr 1874 Age 61y 6m 11d; wife of Sewell Marsh; “We have met
again.” “Dearest mother, thou hast left us, Here our
loss we deeply feel; But ‘tis God that has bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal; But one short year ago we
laid Our Father, dear away.”
MARSH, Sewell B. 3 May 1873 Age 64y 5m 11d; “He has taken him from a world of pain,
That shook his feeble frame; Our hearts are full of sorrow,
But still we praise his name.”
MARVIN, J. 11 May 1883 Age 58y

NEEDHAM, Alonzah 5 Feb 1832 Age 10y; son of Ziba and Achasa Needham; “Death like an
early frost, Hath cropt a blooming flower; Fond
expectation tost, By a Heavenly power.”

PEPPER, Isaac 28 Jun 1826 Age 42y; “Ye who mourn a husband true! Ye who weep for
a friend! Call to mind the Christians hope, That your
friend is safe in heaven.”
PEPPER, Sally 30 Sep 1844 Age 56y; wife of Isaac Pepper
PERRY, Survina 8 Feb 1847 Age 91y; wife of Ezekiah Perry

SAYRS, Thomas 6 Jul 1823 Age 1y 3m 7d; son of John L. & Sally Sayrs
SHEDD, Joseph 4 Jan 1817 Age 33y
SHEDD, Sally 8 Oct 1844 Age 58y; wife of Joseph Shedd
SHELDEN, Gardner 10 Jun 1859 Age 61y
SHELDEN, Nancy G. 15 Dec 1884 Age 85y; wife of Gardner Shelden
SMEAD, Betsey 15 Oct 1825 Age 53y; wife of Selah Smead
SMEAD, Charles 22 Jan 1875 Age 82y 1m 24d
SMEAD, Fannie 8 Sep 1824 Age 10m; dau. of Charles & Maliga Smead
SMEAD, Fanny 26 Dec 1811 Age 11y 5m 16d; dau.of C. & M. Smead
SMEAD, George C. 6 Jun 1846 Age 25y
SMEAD, Maliga 8 Apr 1854 Age 56y; wife of Charles Smead
SMEAD, N. G. 18 Nov 1859 Age 42y
SMEAD, Phylinda H. 17 Aug 1824 Age 1y 10m 28d; dau of Charles & Maliga Smead
SMEAD, Selah, Esq. 8 Mar 1851 Age 83y
SNOW, Alberia 8 Apr 1854 Son of Edwin & Emily Snow
SPAULDING, Helen M. 8 Mar 1815 Age 2y 3m; dau. of B. F. & M. Spaulding
STARKWEATHER, Ezra 17 Jan 1874 Age 79y
STARKWEATHER, Hiram 15 Jan 1887 Age 74y
STARKWEATHER, John 27 May 1847 Age 80y
STARKWEATHER, Lucy 9 Jan 1841 Age 70y 5m 28d; wife of John Starkweather; “Dearest
Mother, thou has left us, and thy loss we greatly feel;
‘Tis the Lord that hath bereft us, He can all our
sorrows heal.”
STARKWEATHER, Mary E. 10 Dec 1873 Age 31y; wife of F. E. Starkweather
STARKWEATHER, Polly 28 Sep 1810 Age 85y; wife of Daniel Starkweather; “The sweet
remembrance of the just, Shall flourish though they
sleep in dust.”
STARKWEATHER, Prudence 29 May 1859 Age 52y
STARKWEATHER, Sally 17 Jul 1822 Age 7y; dau. of John & Lucy Starkweather

WARD, Hannah 26 Nov 1812 Age 59y; consort of Amasa Ward; “Death is a debt to
nature due, Which I have paid and so must you.”
WELLS, Ebenezer 3 Sep 1852 Age 69y
WELLS, Harriet S. 4 Oct 1878 Age 59y; wife of Seymour Wells
WELLS, Rachael 6 Jan 1832 Age 50y; wife of Ebenezer Wells
WELLS, Seymour 28 Oct 1860 Age 47y; “I have finished my course, I have kept
the faith.”
WRIGHT, E. Darwin 25 Oct 1815 - 20 Feb 1891
WRIGHT, Hephsibah 27 Sep 1813 - ? Wife of E. Darwin Wright
WRIGHT, Sarah 7 Oct 1831 Wife of Stephen Wright
WRIGHT, Stephen 17 Mar 1831 Age 75y

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