From the Elba Anniversary Book by Scott Benz

" Burial in a Friends burying ground was restricted up to the year 1852, with a prohibition on the use of tomb stones. Tomb stones in Friends burying grounds which bear dates prior to this were either, placed later on, or if placed before 1852, tacitly allowed but not officially sanctioned.

The records for this cemetery are very spotty at best. We have to thank Mrs. Florence Harkness Rowcliffe for her foresight to record what information she did. Much of this would have been lost otherwise. According to her work there are 105 burials in this cemetery. This cemetery is on Private Property and does not fall under the jurisdiction of the town to maintain; henceforth its deplorable condition.

This cemetery contains the graves of William Weeks, the fighting Quaker of the War of 1812 and John Hicks who served in Co. F., 5th Reg. N.Y. Vol. during the Civil War."

This cemetery listing has been compiled using several sources.
"History of the Weeks/Wicks of Elba" Family by Betty Thomas
Cemetery info obtained from the Elba Town Clerk
Burial info from "The Elba Anniversary Book" By Scott Benz, Elba Town Historian
Personal visit to the cemetery
Abigail, wife of Asa Aldrich, died 25 July 1850, aged 39 years
Amy, 20 Oct. 1858
Dewane P., son of Asa and Abigail Aldrich, 2 Mar. 1841, aged 1 year
George W., son of Asa and Abigail Aldrich,29 July 1848, aged 4 mos.
Levi H. son of Asa and Abigail Aldrich,4th Aug. 1840, aged 2 years
Sarah Ann, daughter of Asa and Abigail Aldrich, 21 Dec. 1844

Lydia J., Daughter of John G. and Hannah M. Beach, 11 May, 1860, age 2y., 3 mo., 2 days

Abraham, 31 July, 1854, age 69 y
Elizabeth, wife of Abraham Fowler, 23 Oct. 1849, age 62 y.

Charlotte, wife of Charles Gerding, 12 June 1880, age 33 ys, 3 mo.

Emiline [Weeks], wife of Thomas Griffin, 27 Mar 1873, age 51 yrs, 2 mo, 10 days [see Weeks]
Emily Susannah, Daughter of Thomas and Emiline Griffin, 5 Nov. 1864, age 9 yrs, 6 mo, 25 days, born 11 May 1855
George Washington, son of Thomas and Emiline Griffin, 14 Nov 1864, age 2 yrs, 8 mo. , 27 days, born 18 Feb 1862
Cynthia Malvina, daughter of Thomas and Emiline Griffin, 17 Nov 1864, age 15 yrs., 9 mo., 20 days, born 28 Feb 1849

Amy Ann, wife of Henry A. Hall, 26 Jan. 1856

Beulah [Estes], wife of Daniel Harkness, 26 Feb. 1856. age 79 yrs., 6 mo., born 1802 in Maine
Charlotte, 23 Feb 1857, age 57 yrs, born 27 Feb 1802 in North Adams, MA, daughter of Nathan and Ruth [Killey] Harkness
Daniel, 22 June 1864, age 62 yrs, 25 days, born 27 May 1802 in North Adams, MA, son of Nathan and Ruth [Killey] Harkness
Robert, son of Daniel and Beulah Harkness, 20 Aug. 1839, age 3 yrs., 5 mo., 6 days, born 17 Mar 1836
William Estes, son of Daniel and Beulah Harkness, 11 Mar 1850, age 20 yrs, 6 mo., 2 days, born 17 Aug 1832

John, 20 Aug 1884, age 63 yrs., GAR Post 290, Co. F., 5th Reg.N.Y. Vol.

Hannah M., daughter of David and Rhoda [Harkness] Howland, 2 Dec. 1851, age 4 mo., 15 days, born 16 July 1851

Judith, wife of Henry Moore, 6 Nov 1881, age 83 yrs, 6 mo, 2 days.

Chloe, wife of Joshua Sheffield, 28 Sept. 1831, age 30 yrs.

Amy, 21 Nov 1850, age 29 yrs, 9 mo.
Catherine E., daughter of Isaac and Edna Shotwell, 9 Dec 1857, age 21 yrs, 9mo, 22 days.
Edna C. [Pound], wife of Isaac Shotwell, 14 Jan 1872, age 76 yrs, born 1797
Isaac Martin, 19 Oct 1860, age 74 yrs, 1 mo, born 1787
Mary, 27 Mar 1844, age 87 yrs.,8 mo, 26 days
Richard, 17 Aug 1833, age 78 yrs., 20 days
Sarah E., 26 Feb 1854, age 23 yrs, 5mo.

Charles Job, 16 Jan 1949"Quaker - 1873-1949 The Strength of the Hills is His Also" -written on a Bronze Plaque embedded in
a large boulder at the entrance to the cemetery, son of Job Anthony and Mary Maria [Griffen] Staples,
born 27 May 1873
Mary [DeGroff], 15 April 1955, born 1874- She also has a Plaque on the same boulder as her husband Charles Staples.
Lyman D., son of Lyman and Susan [Harkness] Staples, 8 May 1858, age 20 yrs, 8 mo, 18 days
Susan J., daughter of Henry Movi and Rachel E. [Van Alystne] Staples, 23 Oct 1864, age 3mo.

Armenia, wife of Edward Tibbets, Nov 1842, age 26 yrs.

Catherine[Poole],wife of Daniel, 12 Feb 1881, born 23 Mar 1801 in Montgomery County, NY, 1st husband John Haight, Jr.


Daniel, 12 April 1860, age 37 yrs.
Hannah, wife of Daniel Travies, 17 Nov 1859, age 75 yrs, 8mo.

L. Stewart, son of Frank W. and Laura A.[Wicks] Underhill, 9 Sept, 1885, age 7 weeks

Emiline, wife of Thomas Griffin, 27 Mar 1873, age 51 yrs, 2 mo, 10 days, born 17 Jan 1822 in Farmington, Ontario, NY, daughter
of William H. and Susannah [Sheffield] Weeks
John M., Veteran of War of 1812
Phebe Ann, daughter of William H. and Susannah [Sheffield] Weeks, 17 Oct 1839, age 8 mo, 17 days, born 1 Feb 1839 in Elba.
Susannah [Sheffield], wife of William H. Weeks, 26 Feb 1885, born 24 Feb 1802 in Rhode Island
William H., 7 Feb 1881, born 4 May 1798, Hudson, Columbia, NY, Veteran of War of 1812
Henry, Jr., son of William and Susannah [Sheffield] Weeks, 17 June 1838, died by drowning, age 18 yrs, 5 mo, 20 days,
born 20 Jan 1820 in Farmington, Ontario, NY.

Cora B., daughter of Hersey E. and Betsey [Hicks] Wicks, 14 Jan 1883, age 14 yrs, 10 mo, 14 days.

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