1819 - 1838 List of Marriages
Solemnized By Reverend Hugh Wallis
On The Holland Purchase
Nov. 9, 1819 HANDEE (Handce), Mr. Homer WASHBURN, Miss Huldah both of Clarence.
Jan. 20, 1820 PEAS, Mr. Lansing KNAPP, Miss Maria both of Pembroke.
Jan. 26, 1820 HARMON, Mr. Ezra RICE, Miss Martha both of Pembroke.
Jan. 27, 1820 PEAS, Mr. Phny SALSBURY, Miss Grace both of Pembroke.
Dec. 28, 1820 HUSD, Mr. Russel BOYD, Miss Abigail both of Clarence.
Jan. 21, 1821 RAYNOLDS, Mr. Elias CLIFFORD, Miss Harriot Groom of Warsaw and bride of Wales.
Feb. 1, 1821 LONG, Mr. James CATHCART, Miss Mary both of Pembroke.
Mar. 6, 1821 FLINN, Mr. ---- PARKHURST, Mrs. Abigail both of Pembroke.
Mar. 22, 1821 SEAVER, Mr. Joseph Warren HASTINGS, Mrs. Mary both of Pembroke.
Mar. 14, 1821 POMEROY, Mr. Seth LOOMIS, Miss Betsey both of Bennington.
Dec. 28, 1821 RALPH, Mr. John CLAPP, Miss Hannah groom of Wales and bride of Bennington.
Jan. 14, 1822 WILLIAMS, Mr. John CARTER, Miss Ann both of Pembroke.
Jan. 20, 1822 RALPH, Mr. Jacob O. CLIFFORD, Miss Amelia both of Wales.
Feb. 6, 1822 HARMON, Dr. John Brown DANA, Miss Sarah groom of Warren, Ohio and bride of Pembroke.
Feb. 21, 1822 BRANCH, Mr. William MORSE, Miss Wealthy both of Orangeville.
Mar. 7, 1822 BUSHNEL, Mr. Harley WEBB, Miss Susanna groom of Batavia and bride of Pembroke.
July 3, 1822 WILSON, Mr. Goin DUTCHER, Miss Clarissa both of Pembroke.
Sept. 10, 1822 POTTER, George KELSEY, Miss Prudence both of Sheldon.
Oct. 15, 1822 MILLAR, Cap. Robert WARREN, Miss Cithera both of Pembroke.
Oct. 23, 1822 WILSON, Mr. William BELKNAP, Miss Rachel both of Pembroke.
Jan. 30, 1823 GILLET, Cap. Reynolds DANA, Miss Mary groom of Buffalo and bride of Pembroke.
Feb. 6, 1823 SUTHERLAND, Mr. Lera LADD, Miss Cintha Miria groom of China and bride of Shelton.
May 7, 1823 DUNBAR, Mr. Alvin HULBERT, Miss Lucretia both of Sheldon.
May 8, 1823 CASE, Mr. Truman DUNBAR, Miss Sabria both of Sheldon.
Apr. 28, 1824 TUBBS, Mr. William WRIGHT, Miss Amanda both of Pembroke.
July 15, 1824 CHURCH, Orson PERKINS, Sally both of Pembroke.

Nov. 7, 1824
CATHCART, Mr. William CHASE, Miss Pamelia both of Pembroke.
Dec. 30, 1824 SAWYER, Mr. Simons FLINT, Miss Harriot groom of Erie and bride of Pembroke.
Sept. 27, 1824 WEBSTER, Mr. Caleb RICE, Mrs. Lucy groom of Alden and bride of Pembroke.
Mar. 10, 1825 BACON, Mr. Truman HARMON, Mrs. Martha both of Pembroke.
June 26, 1825 WARNER, Mr. Omri GRIFFIN, Mrs. Rebecca both of the same place. [Pembroke?]
Apr. 11, 1825 DEGROFF, Mr. James CLARK, Miss Hannah both of Clarence.
Aug. 24, 1825 SMITH, Mr. Harvey BOUGHTON, Emelim both of Pembroke.
Oct. 24, 1825 WILLIS, Mr. Nathan DRAPER, Miss Fanny both of Alden.
Feb. 23, 1826 COLE, Mr. Isaac SAFFORD, Miss Betsey both of Pembroke.
Mar. 2, 1826 WEBB, Cap. John ANDERSON, Miss Anna both of Pembroke.
Sept. 20, 1826 BOUGHTON, Mr. Newal CHASE, Miss Phebe both of Pembroke.
Nov. 19, 1826 MITCHELL, Mr. William WHITE, Miss Cynthia both of Alden.
---- --, 1836 UNDERHILL, Mr. William J. BARRETT, Miss Charlotte groom of Lancaster and bride of Clarence.
Jan. 17, 1837 VAN WORMER, Mr. Aaron WALLIS, Miss Mary both of Pembroke.
Aug. 23, 1837 FOLSOM, Mr. William CLARK, Miss Zobiah groom of Buffalo and bride of Pembroke. Witnesses: Eliza Durham and Maria Durham.
Apr. 1, 1838 WATERHOUSE, Mr. Arnold STONE, Miss Betsey both of Darien. Witnesses: David Hastings and Chester Long.
Dec. 4, 1831 BOYD, Mr. Warren JONES, Miss Naomi groom of Alden and bride of Clarence. Witnesses: Rev. James Remmington and Eliher Bissell.
Dec. 30, 1832 EDSON, Mr. Alonzo WEBSTER, Miss Experience both of Clarence, Mr. Edson, farmer, age 24, Miss Webster, age 19. Witnesses: Jesse Tiffany and Samuel Webster, Jr.
June 18, 1833 LOUGER, Mr. Benjamin P. MUNRO, Miss Olive both of Alden. Witnesses: Mess. John Munro and William LOUGEE.
Sept., 1834 HARROUN, Mr. John NASH, Miss Experience groom of Munro County, Mich. bride of Pembroke.
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