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TITLE Holland Land Company records and related documents at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society. PUBLICATION INFORMATION Buffalo : Filmed for the State University College at Fredonia by Biels, 1986. FORMAT 23 microfilm reels : maps. ; 35 mm. NOTES Microfilm of original records at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society. This project was under the auspices of the Holland Land Company manuscript preservation project at the State University of New York College at Fredonia. CONTENTS Joseph Ellicott was chief surveyor and resident agent of the Holland Land Company, 1800-1821. Holland Land Company had holdings primarily in New York. This set contains three primary collections, The Holland Land Company records, the Henry Glowacki papers, and the Charles W. Evans collection. The Holland Land Company records, 1790-1837, contain mostly Joseph Ellicott correspondence. Land sale records are also included with articles of agreements and contract ledgers for land sold in and near Buffalo. The Henry Glowacki papers, 1795-1860 were donated in 1892 by Henry Glowacki, a lawyer for proprietors who bought land and assets from the Holland Land Company in 1835. This collection contains land transfer records, financial documents, and land transactions between Massachusetts and various owners of pre-emption land in Western New York. Also included are land sales on the Indian Reservations, resulting problems and published law cases. The Charles W. Evans collection, 1701-1871, includes about 250 letters between Joseph Ellicott and a number of agents of the Holland Land Company and neighboring land companies, political figures, settlers, and family members. Each volume of the Joseph Ellicott correspondence has an name index. A detailed finding aid precedes all the filmed material on each roll. For BUF 52, 53, 62, 63, 67, 68, 97, see BUF 58. BUF 80 (Abstracts of treaties, 1794-1846), not filmed. US/CAN FILM AREA HOLLAND LAND COMPANY RECORDS -------------------------------- 1549981 BUF 1 Correspondence received by Joseph -------------------- 1549981 Ellicott (21 v.) 1795-1800 1799-1806 1800-1811 (p. 1-1090) ------------------------------------ 1549982 1800-1811 (p. 1091-end) ---------------------------------- 1549983 1802-1804 1803 1803-1813 (p. 1-137) 1803-1813 (p. 138-end) ----------------------------------- 1549984 1804-1805 1804-1808 (p. 1-268) 1804-1808 (p. 269-end) ----------------------------------- 1549985 1804-1808 1805-1808 1806-1807 ------------------------------------------------ 1549986 1809-1810 (p. 1-297) 1809-1810 (p. 298-end) ----------------------------------- 1549987 1810-1811 1810-1813 (Letters from William Peacock, ----------------- 1549988 Mayville subagent) 1810-1822 1811-1815 ------------------------------------------------ 1549989 1811-1815 1816-1820 1817 ----------------------------------------------------- 1549990 1818-1819 1819 BUF 2 Copybook of outgoing correspondence (3v.) ------------ 1549991 Part 1 1800-1802 Part 2 1802-1805 Part 1 1805-1813 (p. 1-84) Part 1 1805-1813 (p. 84-end) ---------------------------- 1549992 Part 2 1813-1814 Part 1 1814-1816 Part 2 1816-1821 BUF 3 Articles of agreement for inner and outer ------------ 1549993 lots in Buffalo 1799-1806 for Tract H 1803-1805 (includes index of purchasing names) BUF 4 Articles of agreement for lands contracted ----------- 1549994 mostly in Buffalo 1803-1830 (no index) BUF 5-14 Register of buyers, New Amsterdam, ---------------- 1549995 1804-1837 (includes name index) Deeds for purchases on the Genesee Lands, 1801-1837 Survey records, 1792-1802 Maps of Niagara River, 1802; Morris' Purchase of West Genesee, 1800; Buffalo or New Amsterdam 1805 Article to settlers in Chautauqua Gazette, 1821 Holland Land Company ejectments, 1790-1821 Memoranda books, 1801-1816 BUF 15-21 Personal notebook, 1792-1794 ---------------------- 1549996 Accounts of goods sold at Fort Schlosser, 1798 Meteorological observations, 1798-1803 Deeds and titles of the Triangular Tract in New York, 1825 Miscellaneous documents of Holland Land Co. Printed abstracts and other transactions relating to the Company. HENRY GLOWACKI PAPERS --------------------------------------- 1549997 BUF 22-44 Miscellaneous business documents, ---------------- 1549997 1798-1857. Includes lists of bondsmen and mortgages assigned to Farmers Loan and Trust Co. in counties of Genesee, Orleans, Erie, & Niagara and a schedule of settler's names and their land holdings with outstanding payments. BUF 45-51 Business documents, 1835-1845. ------------------- 1549998 Includes list of settlers with money due on bonds and mortgages in order by county. Also includes a survey map of Tonnewanda Falls and Ebenezer lands purchased from Buffalo Creek Indians, Erie Co. Also includes published edition of Acts and Resolutions passed at the First Session of the 26th Congress, 1842 and Acts and Resolutions of the 27th Congress. BUF 52-58 Printed addresses to the landholders ------------- 1549999 and inhabitants of the Holland Purchase, 1830, 1834. Copy of evidence in reference to deaths of Nicholas Van Staphorst and other trustees, 1846. Briefs illustrating land titles, 1821. Printed catalog of maps and surveys in New York state officials' offices, 1859. Certified deeds of various land transfers, and other documents pertaining to land ownership, 1797-1849. Deduction of titles of Holland tract purchases. BUF 59-66 Printed Supreme Court cases involving ----------- 1550000 Holland Land Company lands, Farmer's Loan & Trust Co., and Indian land claims, 1851-1858. Printed letter to Judge B. Livingston of Supreme Court on Lake Canal Policy by Robert Troup, 1822. List of lots in Eden, N.Y., supposedly non-resident, 1844. New York State Assembly reports on petitions of inhabitants residing on Holland Purchase, 1837. Court and legal documents, 1844, 1831-1851. Proofs of death of members of the Holland Land Co., 1815-1829 (with index). BUF 69-100 Title papers of the Holland Land Co., ----------- 1550001 1794-1829 (includes subject index and maps). New York/Massachusetts pre-emption related documents, 1786-1851 (includes abstracts of titles and deeds). Records relating to Indian affairs (includes abstract of titles; acknow- ledgement of funds received, 1842; award and report of arbitrators in a case with Senecas which includes list of Indians and land owned, 1842; land sale records, 1826, 1842- 1860; exemplifications of various treaties, 1797-1846; Indian cases argued before Supreme Court of New York, 1854-1856 regarding land; ------------- 1550001 lists of treaties, 1794-1846; treaties, 1842, 1846; reports for damages and trespasses on Indian lands, 1860, 1849. CHARLES W. EVANS COLLECTION --------------------------------- 1550002 BUF 101-109 Correspondence between Joseph Ellicott and several Holland Land Company agents, 1798-1829. Miscellaneous notes about incidents on Holland Purchase. Articles of agreement for land sold mostly to Holland Land Company employees (lists names). List of original land sales of lots in Buffalo Village by Holland Land Company, 1804-1828. Miscellaneous articles of agreement and deeds between various individuals for lands on Holland Purchase, 1793-1833. Field notes of survey, 1800?. Report on boundaries, 1800?. ------------- 1550002 Survey financial accounts, 1798-1800?. Map of Morris' Purchase, New York, rev. 1829. BUF 110-128 J. Ellicott's appointment as ------------------- 1550003 agent, 1800. Extracts from Courts of General Sessions, Genesee Co., 1803-1807. Delinquent notices regarding land holdings, 1819-1824. Deduction of several land titles. Paper read by David Mix on the Company to Buffalo Historical Society, 1871. Indian notes, accounts, 1804-1807. Joseph Ellicott's journal on trip to England, 1766-1767 (includes family history of Joseph Ellicott. Land titles of lands lying west of the Phelps and Gorham Purchase granted by New York to Massachusetts, 1801. Listing of land tracts, 1798. --------------------- 1550003 Miscellaneous clippings, including death notice of Joseph Ellicott. Miscellaeous deeds and patents, not related to the Holland Land Company, 1701-1778, will of Richard Twindor, proceedings of the Board of Supervisors, Genesee County, 1803-1807. Speech at Buffalo Creek Reservation by Joseph Ellicott., 1798. Municipal records of Batavia, 1803-1804. Treaty with Tonawanda Tribe, 1857. Burial certificate extracts for members of Holland Land Company, 1844. THIS RECORD FOUND UNDER 1. New York - Business records and commerce 2. New York - Land and property 3. New York - Court records 4. New York - Native races 5. Massachusetts - Land and property I. Ellicott, Joseph II. Holland Land Company III. Holland Land Company Project IV. Holland Land Company Records V. Henry Glowacki papers, 1795-1860 VI. Charles W. Evans collection, 1701-1871
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