Austin Farm Cemetery
Alabama Center Cemetery (# 1) North of towns only signal (intersection where route 77 turns west and Rt. 63 goes north.) On west side of road. This is an active cemetery and will be posted at a later date.
Wheatville Cemetery (# 2) East of towns only signal (intersection where route 77 turns west and Rt. 63 goes north.) On north side of Lewiston Road. Abandoned.
Nichols Hill Cemetery (# 3) Also east of intersection where route 77 turns west and Rt. 63 goes north.) on north side of Lewiston Road. Further down the road. Occassional burials. Quite a list of burials and will be posted at a later date.
Presbyterian Church Cemetery (# 4) Tonawanda Indian Reservation. West side of Meadville Road 1.4 miles north of Council House Road, 0.1 miles south of Sky Road. Active Cemetery.
Long House Cemetery (aka Council House Cemetery) (# 5) West side of Council House Road near Sky Road on the Tonawanda Indian Reservation.
Un-Named Plot (# 6) On the north side of the driveway to the Tonawanda Indian Reservation Long House. Only a few graves.
Small Pox Cemetery (# 7) At the point of the triangle where Meadville and Parker Roads come together. Tonawanda Indian Reservation. No stones left, or records,existence not confirmed.
Tonawanda Indian Baptist Church Cemetery (# 8) North of the four corners of Meadville and Bloomingdale Roads. Up the church driveway and left of the parking lot on the Tonawanda Indian Reservation.
Four Corners Cemetery (# 9) Located on the northwest side of the four corners of Meadville and Bloomingdale Road. Tonawanda Indian Reservation.
Un-Named Family Plot (# 10) Thought to be the Peter's Family Plot. Tonawanda Indian Reservation on Sand Hill Road, 0.2 miles south of Bloomingdale Road. On private property, quite a distance from the road.
Sand Hill Road Cemetery (aka Pierce Farm Plot, School
House Cemetery or Webster Cemetery)

(# 11) Also known as Pierce Farm Plot, School
House Cemetery or Webster Cemetery. East side
of Sand Hill Road, 1.7 miles south of Bloomingdale
Road. Tonawanda Indian Reservation.
Basom Plot (#12) North of Basom. Near south west corner where route 77 and Judge Road cross. By group of pine trees. No stones left. Abandoned.
Universalist Cemetery (aka Martin Cemetery, Stone School House Cemetery, or District #11 Cemetery) (# 13) Located south of corner of Ledge Road and Maple Road. On the west side of Maple. Abandoned. Few stones left standing.
Reed Cemetery This cemetery is really in Oakfield. However, there are a large number of Alabama people buried here. On route 63, go east through South Alabama. It is just a small way over the Alabama town line. This version is good for a quick scan of names and date of death up to 1988.
Brookville Road Cemetery on the former Sprague Farm, Brookville Road, individual burials, abandoned, no apparent cemetery group or care, only one legible name: "Margaret"- suspicion of there having been slave burials.
Churchill Family Cemetery North side of Dodgeson Rd., abandoned, first burial 1835, last 1894
Hawkins Family Cemetery Back in a field on the east side of Rt 98 just north of Goodman Rd., inactive, abandoned, first burial 1814, last 1977
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Hunn Cemetery or N. Alexander Cemetery) south side of Dodgeson Rd. west of Rt 98, incorporated, active, first burial 1829
Single Burial Chestnut Knoll on the west side of Chaddock Rd., 1854, abandoned
West Bethany Cemetery (Alexander Pioneer Cemetery, School House 7 Cemetery) West side of Alexander/Bethany Townline Rd., north of RT 20, inactive, first burial 1812, last 1874, abandoned
Unknown Cemetery at corner of Rt 238 and Bowen Rd., this cemetery appears only in the 1866 Atlas of Genesee County and nothng else is known.
Alexander Village Cemetery (Railroad Street Cemetery) east of the village on Railroad Ave., active incorporated cemetery, first burial 1810
Daw's Corners Cemetery 1899 - This cemetery is actually in the town of Batavia (just!), but many Elba residents are buried here. incorporated active cemetery, first burial 1812
Chapill Mill Retreat Center One burial:
Phillip Kapleau, b. 20 Aug 1912, d. 6 May 2004
Grand View Cemetery Clinton St. Rd, (Route 33), just outside the city of Batavia on the right hand side of the road. First burial 1906. A notebook listing of all known burials (including many inaccuracies) is updated annually and filed at both the Richmond Library and the Holland Land Office. There is also a history notebook binder at each location, although it's not of much value to geneologists. Superintendent - Steve Davis 585-993-1317
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Newkirk Cemetery (Five Corners Cemetery) south east Corner of Bank St. Rd.- individual burials
Pratt Road Cemetery Pratt Rod between Miller and Powers Roads - Reference made to this cemetery in a list compiled in 1975 by Marion Russell
Warner Cemetery (Sanders Cemetery, Miner Cemetery) East of Batavia on Rt 33 - abandoned.
Perry Farm Cemetery South side of Rt 5, abandoned
Veterans Burial At the close of the War of 1812 two, sick soldiers returning to their homes stopped at the home of Thomas Beckwith (about 5 miles west of Batavia on Rt 5). Both died with cholera. Their names are reportedly Haxton and Pierce. They were buried under a tree near the Beckwith home.
Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery behind the church 3515 Galloway Rd. - religious cemetery - first burial 1992
Old Batavia Cemetery Harvester Ave., heading south, it is the first cemetery on the east side of the street. incorporated, active cemetery, first burial 1806 (many Batavia early pioneers buried here)
Batavia Cemetery, Catherine Roth, 23 N. Pointe Dr., Batavia, NY 14020
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Batavia Pioneer Cemetery The present city of Batavia pioneer cemetery was on W. Main Street back along the creek near where the old W. Main St. School was. No evidence remains that a cemetery was ever there. The following are given in Beers, Gazetteer of Genesee County as being in this old cemetery in 1890:
Buell, Richard, died 1819
Mason, Wheaton, died 1825
Wilcox, Oliver, two wives of; one died 1807 the other 1824
Stark, W. T. , died 1822
St. Joseph's Cemetery the driveway entrance for this is on Ellicott St.,(Route 63). Going east on Ellicott St. it is a little past Harvester Ave. on the north side of the street. St. Joseph Cemetery and the Elmwood Cemetery actually connect. I am not sure where one ends and the other begins! First burial 1850, some records at Richmond Memorial Libarary. St. Joseph's Cemetery, St. Joseph's Parish Hall, Summit St., Batavia, NY 14020 - 585-343-9853
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Elmwood Cemetery Also on Harvester Ave., just a little way down the street from the Batavia Cemetery.First Burial 1872, incorporated active cemetery.
Elmwood Cemetery, 133 N. Spruce St.,Batavia, NY 14020 - 585-344-2047,
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For cemeteries in the Town of Bergen, please visit the BergenGenWeb site
Mount Rest (Bergen Village Cemetery) South side of Town Line Road just west of Route 19, incorporated, first burial, 1812 (still in use) - contact - Ed Adams, 42 Kaymar Dr, Bergen, NY 14416
St. Brigid Catholic Church Cemetery East side of Route 33 at edge of town first burial about 1850 (still in use)
Stone Church Rural Cemetery Association formed in 1887.
One mile west of Stone Church on Maple Avenue, 4 miles north of LeRoy (still in use)first burial 1810
East Bergen or Sackett Road Cemetery 1-1/2 miles on Route 19 (also called Lake Rd.) at junction with Sackett Road
maintained by town, burials held for those who purchased a lot in the past(not sure if it is still used)first burial 1812
Creamery Road Cemetery (Red School House Cemetery) corner of West Sweden and Creamery Roads
incorporated, first burial, earaly 1800's - last in the 1940's (no longer used, many stones gone and most are difficult to read)
West Bergen Cemetery (Richmond Family cemetery) West Bergen Rd in a field behind the residence at 7178 West Bergen Rd., Abandoned
East Bethany Cemetery
Bethany Center Cemetery
Maple Lawn Cemetery
Transit Road Cemetery
West Bethany Cemetery
North Byron Cemetery Route 237 -incorporated on April 29, 1856. The first burial was in 1817. For many years this was a private cemetery- it is still in use.
Byron Cemetery ( Byron Center Cemetery) Inc. 1856 - Corner of Route 262 and Swamp Road - several Revolutionary War Soldiers are buried here. (still in use) First Burial 1815
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Sodom Cemetery (aka Walker Family Cemetery) On the Walker farm and has 126 marked graves - On the West side of Byron Road, north of Walkers Corners Road - (no longer in use.) First First Burial, 1811 - Last, 1911
Merriman Farm Cemetery Between Byron Center and Bergen Rd, just west of Bergen, originally an old family cemetery on Frank Bower Farm, later owned by Henry W. Merriman, abandoned, no stones left (reinterred in extreme NW corner Byron Center, all in a row)
Misc There are some cemetery records kept at the Byron Museum, although Byron and North Byron Cemeteries are not up to date.
Broadway Road Cemetery  
Colby Family Plot East side of Colby Rd, north of Tichley Rd, in a pasture on a hillside, abandoned, first burial 1822, last 1920
Maple Hill Cemetery aka
North Darien Cemetery
East side of Simonds Rd., incorporated active, first burial 1812
Alleghany Road Cemetery aka
Dr. Vickery Cemetery aka
Cotton Schoool Cemetery aka
Flagler Cemetery
East side of Rt 77, south fo Sumner Rd, abandoned, first burial 1816
Sutherland-Delano Family Plot East side of Colby Rd., north of junction with Sumner Rd., abandoned, first burial 1824
Old Towne Cemetery aka
Humphrey Cemetery aka
Back Street Cemetery
side of Rt 20 west of Werner Rd, abandoned, first burial 1813
Our Lady of Good Counsel East side of Rt 77, religious active cemetery, first burial 1910
Darien Center Cemetery East side of Colby Rd., incorporated active cemetery, first burial 1819
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Seventh Day Adventist (May Cemetery, County Line Road Cemetery) East side of County Line Rd, just north of Alley Rd., abandoned, first burial 1825
Labeus Larkin Family Plot (Libbaeus Larkin) East of County Line Rd., just north of Alley Rd., walk due north to pine tree for family plot.
Phelps Plot Single tombstone found on former Bennett Farm; east of Simonds Rd. and south of Bennett Rd.
Peabody Cemetery On Allegany Rd. near North Road
Pine Hill Cemetery aka
Elba Pioneer Cemetery aka
Old Graveyard
South side of Chapel St. between fire Dept. and Methodist Church- incorporated, abandoned cemetery, first burial 1804, Last, 1903
Maple Lawn Cemetery (The Elba Cemetery, Parker Family Cemetery) West side of Maple Ave. - incorporated, active cemetery, First burial 1861
East Elba Cemetery aka
Springvale Cemetery
North side of Edgerton Rs. - incorporated cemetry, First buarial, 1818 last, 1990
Quaker Hill Cemetery aka
Locust Grove Cemetery
This cemetery is on private land. The owners name and phone are availble from the town hall. The property is now being rented. The cemetery is in a terrible state, I tromped around in it the summer of 1997 - it is all overgrown and lots of poison ivy! The old stone Quaker Church looks quite good. The person renting the property told me that the cemetery was best seen in the very early spring, right after the snow melts, but before anything GROWS!
Gardner Family Burying Ground aka Vail Farm Cemetery North side of Lockport Rd. - family cemetery, abandoned, first Burial, 1825, last 1924
Daw's Corners Cemetery 1899 - This cemetery is actually in the town of Batavia (just!), but many Elba residents are buried here.
For cemeteries in the Town of Le Roy, please visit the Le Roy GenWeb site.
Asbury Road Cemetery (aka Van Allen Cemetery) LeRoy Town, Asbury Rd., 3 miles south of RT. 5 - abandoned, first burial: 1814, last: 1922
Buell Cemetery (aka Lime Rock Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery) LeRoy Town, East main Road, two miles east of Village - abandoned, first burial: 1801, last 1923
Early Indian Burials LeRoy Town, top of Ft. Hill, noth of village near Rt. 19, east side near site of old fort, about 1 mile north of village - abandoned - no records
East Main St.
Fargo Road Pioneer Cemetery Pioneers Cemetery on the Fargo Road, just off of Route 5, east of Temperance Hill.
Fort Hill Cemetery LeRoy Township, North of Ft. Hill on east sidee of Parmalee Road, on hillside back of John Parmelee home, about 2 miles noth of village off Rt. 19 - abandoned, first burial: 1813, last: 1913
Jug City Cemetery (aka Southbridge Cemetery, Tufts Mills Cemetery, Tomlinsons Mill Cemetery) LeRoy Town, two miles southwest of village, west side of LeRoy - E. Bethany Rd. near Cole Rd.- abandoned, first burial: 1824 last: 1927
Langworthy Cemetery (aka Keeney Road Cemetery) LeRoy Village, Keeney Rd., east side, two miles north of village on Rt. 5, just before Randall Rd. - abandoned
Lathan/Lanthan Farm Cemetery Lathan Farm, 8582 North St. Rd. on Calvin Lanthan farm, one mile north of village, west side of road , on knoll back of barn - first burial: 1994
Lent Family Vault LeRoy Village, W. Main St, before railroad underpass - abandoned - first burial: 1813, last: 1920
Machpelah Cem. 71 North St., LeRoy- west side beyond RR - Incorporated and active - first burial : 1810
Maple Lawn Cemetery
Myrtle Street Cemetery LeRoy Village, south of Main Street - abandoned, first burial: 1811, last: 1948
Old St. Marks Episcopal Cemetery LeRoy Village, corner of Church and St. Marks - first burial: 1826, last:1893
Saint Francis Cemetery
LeRoy Village, south side of Exchange St., active, Catholic Cemetery, first burial: 1852 - Contact: Katherine Stone, (585) 768-7459
Verney Farm Cemetery LeRoy Township, Verney Farm, south side of Randall Road (7114 Randall Road), first burial: 1970
Thwing Cemetery LeRoy Township, Thwing Rd., east of Warner Rd., two miles north of Rt. 5 - abandoned
Cary Cemetery aka
Col. Alfred Cary Cemetery aka
Old Oakfield Cemetery
Northeast corner of Maple Ave. and Duck Pond Rd. - incorporated, active cemetery - First Burial, 1820
East Oakfield Cemetery Lockport Road ( in the Town Hall they have a plot map- on cloth) - Incorporated cemetery - first burial - 1816
Oakfield - Elba Townline Cemetery southwest side of Rt 63, 1/4 mile south of Fisher Rd. - abandoned - only 2 stones which have been removed (Gideon Dunham and wife)
Reed Cemetery This cemetery is really in Oakfield. However, there is a large number of Alabama people buried here. On route 63, go east through South Alabama. It is just a small way over the Alabama town line. This version is good for a quick scan of names and date of death up to 1988.
Reed Cemetery This is another way to view Reed Cemetery which is more detailed then mine. Travis Thaine, an Oakfield student, collected this information for Oakfield Historian, Nancy Bow. Nancy shared this with the Roots Web page. It is current to 1999. With inscriptions!
St. Cecilia's Catholic Church Cemetery Northwest Corner of Maple Ave. and Duck Pond Rd. (a new plot has been purchased and the cemetery will be expanded - church owned active cemetery
Bailey's Mills Cemetery Covell Rd. off Leroy-Bethany Rd, near Roanoke, abandoned, first burial 1819, last 1935
Bushnell Family Plot Hawks Rd, farm lot at corner of dirt road parallel to RR track east of E. Bethany, abandoned, first burial 1835, last 1859

Dodson Farm Burial aka
First Baptist Cemetery

Old Pavilion-LeRoy Rd, now Pavilion Center Rd, Dodson Farm now owned by David Walton, graves have been moved to Fairview Cemetery, abandoned
Maplewood Cemetery South St. Rd. about one-quarter mile south of RT20 , west side, first burial about 1812. Active cemetery.
Mills Family Plot south side of Black St. Rd., no stones but infant burials
Oatka Valley Cemetery aka Pavilion Cemetery Founded in 1828, west of Junction 19 and 63, incorporated active cemetery, first burial 1812
Olivet Cemetery South side of Craig Road near the Covington United Presbyterian Church, active
Pavilion Center Cemetery aka Fairview Cemetery aka Grandview Cemetery Pavilion Center Rd., north of US Route 20, west side of RR track, incorporated active cemetery, first burial 1812
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery south of Pavilion four corners on Rt. 19, religious active cemetery, first burial 1883
Evergreen Hill Cemetery aka Corfu Village Cemetery in Corfu, incorporated, active cemetery, first burial 1840.
Hillside Cemetery Angling Rd, half way between Rt 5 and Rt 33, incorporated active cemetery, first burial 1884
Indian Fall Cemetery aka
Old German Cemetery
Indian Falls Rd., incorporated active, cemetery, first burial about 1860
North Pembroke Cemetery aka
Mogadore Cemetery
East side of North Pembroke Rd., incorporated active cemetery, first burial about 1848
Old Buffalo Road Cemetery aka
Brick House Cemetery
South side of Rt5, 1 mile east of Rt 77 - maintained by town, used occasionally, first burial 1819, last burial 1995
Richville Pioneer Cemetery aka
Pembroke Village Cemetery
Back Street in hamlet of Pembroke,just north of Rt 5, abandoned - maintained by town - no stones left, first burial 1811
East Pembroke Pioneer Cemetery Rt 5 and Slusser Rd. - owned and maintained by town - Rev. War soldier, Samuel Huntington - first burial about 1800, last 1903
Pratt Road Family Cemetery aka
Prospect Hill Cemetery aka
Amidon Cemetery aka
Cook Farm Plot
Pratt Rd, near bend in road near creek - abandoned, first burial unknown
Bartholf Cemetery aka
DeBow Cemetery
Clapsaddle Road between Route 63 and Townline Road, abandoned, first burial 1811, last 1845
Tyler Cemetery aka
Caswell Cemetery aka
Thompson Cemetery aka
Walkers Corner Cemetery
east side of Caswell Road, just south of Griswold Road, abandoned, first burial 1815, last 1882
Lathrop Plot On Daniels farm in Morganville
Morganville Cemetery east side of Morganville Road at Lake Road, incorporatd active cemetery, first burial 1815
Fargo Road Cemetery aka Temperance Hill Cemetery aka
Pioneer Cemetery aka
Old Cemetery
west side of Fargo Road, just south of Main Road (Route 5), abandoned
Randall Cemetery north side of Randall Road, just west of Buckley Road, abandoned, first burial 1830, last 1931
Stafford Cemetery on both sides of Transit Road, south of the village of Stafford (Routes 5 & 237), incorporated active cemetery. The 'Old' section is on the west side, the 'New' on the east.
Old Morganville Cemetery two hundered yards northeast of Morganville Cemetery in a pasture on the Flemming Farm, abandoned.
Veterans' Burials in Stafford Cemeteries
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