BETHANY. (Post Office Addresses in Parentheses if outside Bethany) # refers to Lot Number as designated on 1866 Town of Bethany Map, followed by occupation info, if given in original

Submitted by Linda Schmidt

Adgate, Joseph (East Bethany) 14
Andrews, Luther P. (Linden) agent for H.H. Bevier, Rochester
Andross, John P. 10, farmer
Annabal, Russel (Linden) 17, hop grower and farmer
Anthony, John (Linden) 57, farmer
Ashby, Phineas L. (East Bethany) 14, farmer
Avery, Spencer C. (Linden) 50, farmer

Baker, Stafford C. (Pavilion) 9, farmer
Baker, Thomas S. (Pavilion) 3, farmer
Barross, George N. (Linden) 42, farmer
Barross, James C. (Linden) 42, farmer
Barross, Sextus T. (Linden) 49, farmer
Bartholf, Charles (East Bethany) 15, farmer
Bartholf, Pierce (East Bethany) 24, farmer
Bartlett, S.S. (East Bethany) 14, farmer
Beckwith, Charles (with Henry J.) 39, farmer
Beckwith, Henry J. (with Charles) 39, farmer
Bigelow, Fayette S. (Linden) 41, farmer
Blood, Nason (Linden) (with Oscar W.) 42, farmer
Blood, Nelson (Linden) school teacher
Blood, Oscar W. (Linden) (with Nason) 42, farmer
Bolt, Nicholas R. (East Bethany) 8, farmer
Bostwick, Henry O. (East Bethany) 40, farmer
Bosworth, Jabbin W. 11, farmer
Brainard, Edmond, 11, farmer
Brewer, Cornelius 25, blacksmith and farmer
Brown, Daniel (West Bethany) 60, farmer
Brown, Heman (West Bethany) 52, farmer
Budd, William 35, blacksmith
Buell, Cyrus 36, carpenter and joiner
Bunce, Silas W. (Linden) prop. of Linden Tannery and general dealer in upper
Burdett, George (Linden) 17, farmer
Burst, Jacob (Linden) shoemaker
Burt, Benjamin 36, farmer

Carr, Edwin (Linden) 10, farmer
Carr, Livingston (Linden) 10 (with Lucius Head), farmer
Cavanaugh, James 20, farmer
Chaddock, Hiram (East Bethany) 22 and 30, farmer
Chaddock, Ira 30, farmer
Chaddock, Sewel C. (Linden) 57 farmer
Chadwick, David (with Joseph H.) 35, farmer
Chadwick, John E. 28, farmer
Chadwick, Joseph H. (with David) 35, farmer
Chittenden, Jesse B. 25, farmer
Churchill, George L. (East Bethany) 24, farmer
Clark, Walter (East Bethany) 21, blacksmith and farmer
Clemend, Orson J. (West Bethany) 52, farmer
Colby, Jason (East Bethany) 14, gunsmith
Cole, Walter (Batavia) 55, breeder of Devon cattle and Spanish Merino sheep,
and farmer
Cone, Charles H. 39, farmer leases of H. Barber 35
Cone, Charles S. 27, farmer
Cone, Chas. W. 35, farmer leases of Chas. S. Cone
Cone, Nathaniel (Batavia) 64, farmer
Considine, Lary (Batavia) 55, farmer
Cook, Orlin (East Bethany) 24, farmer
Cornell, Peleg H. (Linden) 41, justice of peace and farmer
Crawford, Daniel (West Bethany) 58, farmer
Crawford, William M. (West Bethany) 53, agent for "Sunshine and Shadow of
N.Y. City."
Croff, Ganson W., allo. physician and surgeon
Croff, Orlando R. 28, physician and surgeon and farmer
Cummins, Harrison (West Bethany) 61, breeder of fine wool sheep, and farmer
Curtis, Samuel T. (Linden) 33, farmer

Dauchy, George (Pavilion) 2, farmer
De Bow, Stephen (Stafford) 8, farmer
Decker, William (Pavilion) 9, farmer
Deshon, Daniel D. (East Bethany) 7, farmer
De Shon, Joseph (Stafford) 16, retired farmer
De Shon, William J. (Stafford) 16, farmer
Dixon, Chas. (East Bethany) 5, farmer
Dixon, George G. (East Bethany) 14, farmer
Dixon, Louisa M. Mrs. (Stafford) 8, farmer
Dixon, William R. (East Bethany) 5, farmer
Durgy & Huggins (Linden) (Lucius C. Durgy and Chas. C. Huggins,) dealers in
dry goods, groceries, hardware, Yankee notions, &c.
Durgy, Lucius C. (Linden) (Durgy & Huggins.)
Dutton, Lafayette F. 28, farmer
Dyer, Enoch B. (Batavia) 48, farmer

Eastland, Robert 26, farmer
Elliott, William (East Bethany) 5, title manuf.
Erwin, John 55, farmer

Fannce, Halsey K. (Linden) (Fannce & Whaley)
Fannce & Whaley (Linden) (Halsey K. Fannce and Albert A. Whaley,) dealers in
dry goods, groceries, patent medicines, hardware, &c.
Farnsworth, David (East Bethany) 14, retired farmer
Fay, Israel (Linden) 59, farmer
Filkinson, Jerome 32, farmer
Fosbeck, Elizabeth Mrs. 32, farmer
Fralicher, Clemant (East Bethany) 30, glove maker and farmer
Francis, Martin (Batavia) 46, farmer
Francis, Patrick (Batavia) 46, farmer
Francis, William (Batavia) 55, farmer
Freeman,, Elisha (Linden) 57, farmer
Freeman, George W. (Linden) 57, farmer
French, Carson T. (West Bethany) (with Mrs. Esther C. and W. Cary) 63,
French, Esther C. Mrs. (West Bethany) (with Carson F. and W. Cary) 63,
French, W. Cary (West Bethany) (with Mrs. Esther C. and Carson T.) 63,

Gardner, Alvah C. 39, farmer leases of Joel Gardner, Stafford
Gardner, Rowland (West Bethany) 45, farmer
Gartner, Jacob 45, farmer
Gifford, Caleb T. 36, farmer
Gifford, Jesse C. 35, farmer
Gnymer, Robert (East Bethany) 14, harness maker
Goodno, Charles T. (Linden) harness maker
Goodwin, John D. (Linden) station agent, Erie R.R., telegraph operator, U.S.
Express agent and insurance agent for railway accidents
Grau, Conrad (East Bethany) 14, farmer
Gray, Davis (East Bethany) 14, prop. of East Bethany Hotel and farmer

Hall, John (Wyoming, Wyoming co.) 1, farmer
Hallock, John (Batavia) 40, farmer
Halsey, James M. (East Bethany) 14, farmer
Hamilton, Hiram (Batavia) 46, farmer
Hamilton, William L. 31, town supervisor and farmer
Hammond, Edward H. (Stafford) 16, farmer
Harding, D. Mrs. 29, farmer
Harding, Erastus D. 37, farmer
Harding, Thomas 37, farmer
Harrington, Ezekiel B. (Linden) blacksmith and farmer
Harris, Daniel (West Bethany) 62, farmer
Harris, Luke P. (Batavia) 64, farmer
Harroun, Jonathan (West Bethany) 52, farmer
Hart, Chas. E. (Linden) 17, farmer
Head, Lucius (Linden) (with Livingston Carr) 10, farmer
Heath, Orrin (East Bethany) 23, farmer
Herrington, Daniel (Linden) 57, farmer
Hill, Homer H. 27, farmer
Hill, Pelatiah 35, farmer
Hogle, Elisha (East Bethany) 24, farmer leases estate of S. Disbro
Howard, John (Linden) eclectic physician and surgeon, and dentist
Hoxie, Joseph (West Bethany) 45, carpenter and joiner and farmer
Huggins, Carlos A., general merchant
Huggins, Chas. C. (Linden) (Durgy & Huggins)
Huggins, Harvey H. 38, farmer
Hulse, Smith 28, Baptist clergyman and farmer
Huntington, Chas. A. 52, poor master and farmer
Hutton, James (East Bethany) 22, farmer
Hyde, Edwin (West Bethany) 59, farmer
Hyde, Michael L. (West Bethany) 59, prop. of saw mill and farmer

Jackson, Daniel Rev. (West Bethany) 60, Baptist clergyman
Jenne, John (with Wm. N. )35, farmer
Jenne, Wm. N. 35 (with John), farmer
Johnson, Jane (Batavia) (with Maria) 48, farmer
Johnson, Maria (Batavia) (with Jane) 48, farmer
Jolls, Mason (Linden) 49, farmer and leases of Mrs. M. Jolls
Judd, Israel E. 29, farmer

Kemp, William E. (Linden) stave and barrel manuf.
Kingdon, Thomas (Batavia) 47, farmer leases of M.C. Biglow
Knowlton, David B. 31, carpenter and joiner and farmer
Kuhn, Joseph 43, farmer

Lamkin, Charles (Batavia) 54, agent for Nishwitzs Pulverizing Harrow and
Lamkin, Isaac (Linden) 51, farmer
Lamkin, John (Batavia) 54, farmer
Lathrop, Chas. A. (Batavia) 32, farmer
Lawrey, John (Linden), blacksmith
Lent, George 29, farmer leases of Henry Dickinson
Levings, Sophrony Mrs. 39, farmer
Lewis, Alexander 38, farmer
Lincoln, Chas. F. (with Harry G.) 44, farmer
Lincoln, Ebenezer, wagon and carriage maker
Lincoln, Harry G. 45, farmer and farmer (with Chas. F.)
Lincoln, Lemuel F. 27, farmer (with Henry Reed)
Loois, Lafayette (East Bethany) cooper
Lord, Dawson D. (Linden) 51, farmer
Lord, Jared S. (Linden) 51, farmer
Lorish, Charles (Linden) 55, farmer
Lorish, Peter M. (Linden) dentist
Lounsbury, John (West Bethany) 60, farmer
Lounsbury, John H. (West Bethany) 60 farmer
Lounsbury, Rodolphus (West Bethany) 60, farmer

Markley, John (Linden) 51, farmer
Markley, Jonah (Linden) 42, farmer
Marsh, Albert 43, farmer
Marsh, Almira Miss 43, farmer
Marsh, Almon C. (East Bethany) 14, farmer
Marsh, Delos (Batavia) 47, farmer
Marsh, Dexter M. (Pavilion) 2, farmer
Marsh, Joel (Batavia) 47, farmer
Marsh, Joseph 43, farmer
Marsh, Lewis 35, farmer
Marsh, Orlando (Batavia) 65, farmer
McGee, William (Batavia) 32, farmer
Merritt, Daniel B. (Linden) 25, farmer
Merritt, David (Linden) 58, farmer
Merritt, Elisha (Linden) 33, farmer
Merritt, George T. (Linden) 41, farmer
Metcalf, Samuel (Linden) 51, prop. of saw mill and farmer
Miller, Ammi R. (West Bethany) 60, farmer
Miller, Gustavus (Linden) boot and shoe maker
Mott, John 20, farmer
Mulkey, Thomas (Linden) farmer

Nealie, Morris (Wyoming, Wyoming co.) 25, farmer
Nolton, Ebridge B. (Linden) agent for Smith & Perkins, Rochester
Noonen, Norman (East Bethany) 23, farmer
Norton, Almour S. (Batavia) 40, farmer
Norton, Benjamin F. 20, farmer
Norton, Erastus L. (Batavia) 63, farmer
Norton, Henry B. (West Bethany) 59, farmer
Norton, Ira (Linden) 41, horse farrier and farmer
Norton, Susan Mrs. 51, farmer
Norton, Tichenor P. (West Bethany) 53, farmer
Nott, Francis E. 36, farmer
Nott, John W. (Batavia) 40, farmer

Page, Hannah Mrs. 26, farmer
Page, Mary A. Mrs. 26, farmer
Page, Nathan W. 20, farmer
Page, William S. 28, farmer
Patterson, James (East Bethany) 32, farmer
Pearson, Richard (East Bethany) 4, highway commissioner and farmer
Peck, Benjamin F. (East Bethany) 5, farmer
Peck, Gilbert M. (East Bethany) 22, deputy sheriff, constable and farmer
Peck, Henry (with Seth M.) 12, farmer
Peck, Mather (East Bethany) 22, farmer
Peck, Seth M. (East Bethany) 12 (with Henry), farmer
Peck, William O. (East Bethany) (with John C. Swab) 14, farmer
Pelton, Albin 36, farmer
Perry, Alexander G. (Linden) 41, postmaster and county superintendent of the
Perry, William (Linden) blacksmith
Phales, George 38, farmer
Pixler, Willard 17, farmer
Pixley, Chester (Linden) 33, farmer
Pixley, Edgar 18, farmer
Porter, Phebe (East Bethany) 23, cooper shop
Powers, Charles M. (Batavia) 54, farmer
Powers, James (Pavilion) 1, farmer
Prindle, Daniel R. (East Bethany) 22, post master, patentee and manuf. of
Prindles Agricultural Steamer and Caldron, and farmer
Putnam,, Josiah (Batavia) 56, farmer
Putnam, Myron (Batavia) 56, hop grower and farmer
Putnam, Orrin (Batavia) 56, farmer

Quale, Frank N. (Linden) (J. & F.N. Quale)
Quale, James M. (Linden) (J. & F.N. Quale)
Quale, J. & F. N. (Linden) (James M. and Frank N.) props. of Linden Flouring
Mill and Saw Mills

Reed, Henry (with Lemuel F. Lincoln) 27, farmer
Rich, Sarah Mrs. (East Bethany) 13, farmer
Richardson, William H. (Linden) dentist
Rockwood, Alvin 28, farmer
Rogers, Chauncey 20, farmer
Rogers, Ezekial 28, farmer
Rogers, Josiah N. (Linden) carpenter and joiner
Rogers, Mathew 4, farmer
Rogers, William E. 12, farmer
Roland, Eliphas J. (West Bethany) 60, post master and farmer
Rolfe, Wlater P. (West Bethany) 61, farmer
Rowe, Erwin B. (Linden) 9, farmer
Rumsey, Albert J. 29, farmer
Rumsey, Charles W. 28, farmer
Rumsey, George W. 29, farmer
Russell, David S. 38, farmer leases of H. Seleck

Scarff, James M. 10, Baptist clergyman and farmer
Seeley, Joel P. (West Bethany) 60, prop. of West Bethany Flouring Mill
Shepard, Daniel (Batavia) 48, farmer
Shepard, James (Batavia) 56, hop grower and farmer
Shepherd, Asel (Batavia) 48, farmer
Sherwin, Lyman (Stafford) 8, farmer
Showerman, James M. (Batavia) 48, agent Commerce Insurance co., and farmer
Showerman, Peter (Batavia) 48, farmer
Simmons, John (Stafford) 16, farmer
Smead, Samuel J.P. (Pavilion) 3, farmer
Sprague, Barney (West Bethany) 11, farmer leases of S.B. Twitchel, Rochester
Sprague, Charles (East Bethany) 30, justice of the peace and farmer
Staats, Henry (East Bethany) 11, farmer
Stakle, George (East Bethany) 23, farmer
Starkweather, Hiram (Pavilion) 3, farmer
Staveley, Jonathan (East Bethany) 14
Stebbins, Charles M. 20, farmer leases of Seth M. Peck
Stebbins, Edmund 28, undertaker and farmer
Stebbins, Lyman S. 35, farmer
Stevens, Abial 43, farmer
Stevens, Henry 30, farmer
Stevens, Luman 18, farmer
Stevens, Nehemiah J. (East Bethany) 14, farmer
Stevens, Sylvester 18, farmer
Stewart, James 10, farmer
Stewart, Wm. H. 35, farmer
Stichler, John (Batavia) 63, farmer
Swab, John C. (East Bethany) (with William O. Peck) 14, farmer

Taylor, Rodney (East Bethany) 23, farmer
Thomas, George R. (East Bethany) grocer
Thomas, Norman S. (East Bethany) 14, wagon maker and farmer
Thompson, Amanda Mrs. 39, farmer
Thompson, Charles A. (East Bethany) 32, farmer
Thompson, Joseph R. 11, farmer
Torrey, Daniel (Stafford) 8, farmer
Torrey, Hamilton (Stafford) 8, farmer
Torrey, Mulford S. (Stafford) 8, (with Wilber H.), farmer leases of Daniel
Torrey, Wilber H. (Stafford) (with Milford S.) 8, farmer leases of Daniel

Vader, Cornelius H. (Linden) 58, farmer
Voorhees, Abraham J. (Linden) wagon and carriage maker

Wade, Dan 36, farmer
Wait, Ira 52, farmer
Walker, Shubel 19, farmer
Ward, Orrin (East Bethany) 15, farmer
Webb, Henry C. 26, farmer
Wells, Newton S. (Pavilion) 1, farmer
Whalen, Mathew (Pavilion) 1, farmer
Whaley, Albert A. (Linden) (Farnnce & Whaley)
Whaley, Ephram (Linden) retired farmer
Wheeler, Guy E. (Linden) 50, farmer
Wilkinson, Amon T. (East Bethany) 7, farmer
Witter, William S. 53, farmer
Wood, Erastus (East Bethany) 23, prop. of Wood's grist and saw mills, and
Wood, L. Sprague (Linden) 25, keeper of County Poor House
Wood, William J. (East Bethany) lot 23, wagon and carriage manuf. and
Worthington, Dan L. (East Bethany) 14, farmer
Wright, Erastus D. (Pavilion) 3, farmer
Wright, Harry (East Bethany) 3, inspector of elections and farmer

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