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from The Gazetteer and Business Directory of Genesee County, N.Y. for 1869-70; Compiled and published by Hamilton Child, Syracuse, NY, 1869

Bethany was formed from Batavia, June 8th, 1812. It lies upon the south border of the County, east of the center. The surface is hilly in the south and rolling in the north. Black Creek flows north through the town, a little east of the center, and Little Tonawanda Creek flows through the south~west and north~west corners. White Creek flows north through the east part. The soil in the east is a dark, gravelly loam, and in the west a heavy clay loam. Weak brine springs have been found, but all attempts to procure salt water by boring have proved unsuccessful.

Bethany Center ( Bethany p.o.) is situated a little south of the center of the town, and contains a Baptist church, an academy, a hotel and about thirty dwellings.

East Bethany (p.v.) contains a church, a hotel, a store, a blacksmith and wagon shop and about twenty dwellings.

Linden (p.v.) situated on the Buffalo and Hornellsville Branch of the N.Y. & Erie R.R., in the south~west part, contains two stores, a carriage shop, two blacksmith shops, a stave factory, a grist and saw mill, a foundry and about 20 dwellings. There is also a saw mill about a mile north of this village.

West Bethany (p.o.) contains a Baptist church, a grist mill and a blacksmith shop.

Canada, in the north part, on Black Creek, is a hamlet, containing a Methodist church, a carriage shop, a cooper shop, a saw and grist mill and about a dozen houses. This town was first settled by John TORRY, from Cayuga County, in 1803. He located in the northeast part, erected a log cabin and commenced other improvements. Captain George LATHROP, from Connecticut, located on lot 40, in the north part of the town, the same year, and Orsemus KELLOGG, from Sheffield, Mass., in the east part. Lyman D. PRINDLE, from Hoosick, settled at East Bethany in 1805; Joseph ADGATE, from Ulster Co., and Mather PECK, from Lyme, Conn., settled near East Bethany in 1806.

The first birth was that of a child of Orsemus KELLOGG, in 1803, and the first death that of Solomon LATHROP, in 1806. The first school was taught by Matilda WEDGE, from New England, in 1808. Sylvester LINCOLN kept the first inn; Elisha HURLBURT, from Vermont, the first store, in 1808, and Judge WILSON built the first grist mill, in 1811.

The population of the town in 1865 was 1,734, and its area 22,707 acres.

There are eleven school districts, employing the same number of teachers. The number of the school population is 458; the number
attending school, 374; the average attendance, 179, and the amount expended for school purposes during the year ending September 30, 1868, was $2,712.81.


From: Beers Gazeteer and Biographical Record of Genesee Co., N.Y. 1788-1890, by Vose & Co., Pub., 1890, Transcribed by Linda Schmidt

BETHANY, as will be seen by the list of the early settlers, was among the earliest towns which invited the pioneers to its rich lands. The most of the settlements were made before the War of 1812. On June 8th of that year the town was formed, being taken from Batavia. The land is rolling in the upper half and somewhat hilly as the lower bounds are reached. It is a well watered section, Black Creek, Tonawanda Creek, and White Creek being the principal streams.

In 1803 John TORREY, Orsamus KELLOGG (who had a child born that year), Charles CULVER, John DEWEY, L.D. and Samuel PRINDLE, Nathaniel PINNEY, Jedediah RIGGS, M. SCOTT, Horace SHEPARD, O. FLETCHER, David HALL, Capt. George LATHROP, and Richard PEARSON either settled on lands in the town or declared their intention to do so; and in 1804 many others came; the sound of the axe was daily heard in the forests, and a musical and welcome sound it must have been in those days to all those who had determined to deny themselves so many comforts in order to make a home in the new Genesee country. Capt. LATHROP, who located in the center of the town, is said to be the third person who came. He was a captain in the War of 1812, and died on his farm, aged 92 years. Solomon LATHROP, who came in 1804, lost his wife about 1816. He went on a visit (soon after) to Cattaraugus County, and was never heard from. Henry LATHROP located in 1804, and died on his place, aged 85 years. Richard PEARSON, Sr., came from Lyme, Conn., to Genesee County about 1803, bought 155 acres of land for $426.25, and returned to Connecticut, coming again to the county in 1806. He returned to Connecticut again in 1807, and finally came to the county in 1812, in which year he bought 50 acres in the Craigie tract for $200. He married and settled on his land in 1815, coming with a neighbor with an ox-team and one horse, each family having one child. He died on his farm in 1853, aged 71 years. His son lives on the old homestead. Richard PECK, among the earliest settlers (1806), was a lieutenant in Col. RUMSEY's regiment in the War of 1812; he was at Chestnut Ridge and Black Rock. The old commission signed by Gov. TOMPKINS is in the possession of his son, who lives in Stafford. Another son, Benjamin F., lives on the old homestead.

The LINCOLN family were very prominent in the early settlement. Jedediah, who came in 1805, when last heard from was over 96 years of age. He was living in Illinois with a son. Peter PUTNAM located in the northwestern part of the town in 1805 or 1806.

Because of the valuable water privileges on the Little Tonawanda, in the southwest part of the town, there was greater activity there than elsewhere. This locality (now Linden) was first called Gad-Pouch, because it is supposed "gadding women" were more numerous than elsewhere. The name "Linden" was first suggested by a clerk in the store at that place, and the first sign was put up over the mill, Judge Isaac WILSON being the postmaster and a justice. John WILDER, a pioneer of Attica, built many mills, among which was one, in 1810, for Judge WILSON at this place. This mill was enlarged in 1833 by Daniel CALKINS. It was the first grist-mill that served the inhabitants of the northern part of Wyoming County, and a great portion of the towns of Darien, Alexander, and Bethany. About the year 1809 Calvin BARROWS came in, and made the pioneers glad by fitting up a carding and woolen mill. He came from Massachusetts, and live in the town 60 years. He built a log house in the same year (which was burned), and lived in it six years. He rebuilt about 1817 where Sexturs, a son, now lives. Mr. BARROWS was a Master Mason and a member of Olive Branch Lodge, which met at HUGGINS's tavern after the troubles in Batavia.

One COLES built a saw-mill in Linden about 1808. There was a fall of 24 feet to the dam, and owing to insecure foundation this mill tumbled over that distance and hurt some of the operatives. Another saw mill was built, which was burned. Several fires have occurred in the place from time to time, among which have been the stone distillery (started by Nathaniel EASTMAN), which had also been used as a cooper shop by COLLINS; the old store built by WILSON & DEWEY; the railroad depot in 1860; the flour-mill in 1879; and the W.H. BARROWS house. After the stone distillery was destroyed a wooden one was built in 1825, and a stone one in 1838. Some of the owners of the old (WILSON) mill site have been George PERRY (an old settler), COLLINS, REMER & TUTTLE, REMER & BARROWS, and W.H. BARROWS. The latter also started a cabinet shop in 1837, continuing it for 15 years, when he kept a store for four years, and then moved to Attica.

Among the store-keepers were Judge WILSON, Horace TRIPMAN, WEBSTER (who also had an ashery), and COLLINS. One GARDNER also had a store and ashery in 1820. The first tavern there was kept by Joseph CHAMBERLAIN, in a house built by Mr. LUSK. E. and Jeduthan FAUNCE in 1835 kept a tavern in the house owned by Myron KEMP.

The first settlers who arrived at Linden were Calvin BARROWS, Samuel JOLLS, Alexander GRIMES, Jacob GRIMES, Andrew GRIMES, Rufus MUNGER, Jesse FAY, Matthew ALGER, Sanford BARROWS, Israel EVEREST, Nathan BLOOD, and a few others. A Mr. TOWNER was an early miller. At the time of the advent of the railroad, about 1850 or 1852, business was not very brisk in the place, there being only a grist-mill, cider and shingle-mill, and a cooper shop. In 1869 one BUNCE had a tannery here, DURGY & HUGGINS and FAUNCE & WHALEY had stores, W.E. KEMP a barrel factory, S. METCALF a saw-mill, and QUALE Brothers a flour and saw-mill. It is supposed Aaron BAILEY, in 1828, taught the first school in Linden, but Matilda WEDGE, in 1808, is credited with being the first teacher in the town.

CANADA, a small hamlet on Black Creek, in the eastern part of the town, claims to have had a mill erected in 1808, by one BENNETT, one of a family who came in 1805, and for some time the place was called "Bennett's Mills." There was a tavern here in early times. No business of importance is transacted at the locality at present.

Sylvester LINCOLN, in 1805, had a tavern, said to be the first in town; the same one, it is presumed, which, in 1821, was kept by C.J. LINCOLN, who was also postmaster and colonel of militia, and where the Masonic meetings of the Olive Branch Lodge were frequently held after their removal from Batavia. B.R. BROWN also had a tavern about 1825, and one L. BROWN, in l828, kept an inn on the new State road. Nathaniel HUGGINS also kept a tavern, built in 1828, and kept by him until his death in 1852, where the Masons met. This is now the residence of Thomas J. HARDING. Mr. HUGGINS was a postmaster in 1832. W.H. RUMSEY had a tavern in 1841. Nelson BLOOD had one in 1859, and very early Buell BROWN kept an inn. R.A. TAYLOR, in 1864, kept the hotel at East Bethany, and Davis GRAY kept the same place in 1869. Elisha HURLBURT opened a store in 1808, the same year Sylvester LINCOLN opened his tavern, each in a log house.

The postoffice at Bethany was established in 1825 by Orange ALLEN. Phineas SMITH was postmaster in 1826; E.C. DIBBLE in 1829; C.J. LINCOLN in 1831; and Harvey PRINDLE later. The firm of CHIPMAN & LUSK was in business in 1830, OWEN & PRINDLE in 1844, and CARLOS A. HUGGINS in 1869.

A prominent early settler was Richard POWERS, a Mason, who died in 1849, aged 80 years. His son Blanchard was also an active and prominent man, especially in Masonic matters. The old lodge often met at his house.

The Genesee Manual Labor Seminary was chartered in 1832, with a capital of $20,000. Subscriptions to the amount of $5,516 enabled the organizers to erect the building. R. WHITING was the principal from 1834 to 1841, and Joseph HURTY until 1844.

The Genesee County alms-house is located in the south part of the town, on roads 40 and 41. It has room for 100 inmates, and is a well managed institution. The superintendents are C. CROSMAN, of Alexander; Dwight DIMOCK, of Pembroke; and H.O. BOSTWICK, of Batavia. Benjamin W. HARTWELL, of Pavilion, is the keeper, and Dr. Ganson W. CROFF the resident physician. Connected with the house is a farm of 200 acres in a fine state of cultivation, and is valued at $11,500. An inventory taken in 1889 showed a total value of $18,000. In 1890 there were 73 inmates, the estimated cost of keeping which was 15 cents per day, exclusive of the products of the farm. This includes salaries, excepting that of superintendent. Wheat, corn, oats, and pork are raised on the place. The value of the products raised in 1889 was $2,587. In 1832 James THAYER, aged 84 years, and Anny DANFORTH, aged 86, were married here.

LINDEN, the first village of importance, is located on the N.Y., L.E. & W. Railroad, has 35 houses, one school, three stores, one wagon shop, one blacksmith shop, a grist-mill (built by George PERRY in 1881), with three runs of stones, one saw-mill, with a capacity of 3,000 feet of lumber per day, one cooper shop, built by Daniel MERRITT, with a capacity of 10,000 barrels, and one cider-mill, with a capacity of 4,000 barrels annually. The village is without church privileges.

EAST BETHANY, the next village of importance, is located on the D., L. & W. Railroad, in the northeastern part of the town. There are 24 houses with about 108 inhabitants. It is a post village, has a Presbyterian Church, a school, one hotel, two stores, a harness shop, a blacksmith shop, and a cider-mill, the latter having a capacity of 400 barrels per year. There is now building (May, 1890) a fine school-house, which will cost about $1,500.

BETHANY CENTER, also a post village, is south of the center of the town, and has a Presbyterian and Baptist church, two stores, a blacksmith shop, a town hall, a school, two dressmakers, about 25 houses, and 85 inhabitants.

LITTLE CANADA (formerly Bennett's), in the northeastern part of the town, has a Free Methodist Church, a school, a grist-mill, with a capacity of 150 bushels of grain per day, a saw-mill, with a capacity of 2,000 feet of lumber per day, and a wagon shop.

WEST BETHANY (p.o) is a hamlet in the west part of the town. It has a grist mill, located on road 29, built by Nathaniel BROWN in 1811, and now owned by Joseph CRAWFORD, having a capacity of 50 bushels of wheat and 200 bushels of feed per day. The village has also a grocery store, a Freewill Baptist Church, a blacksmith shop, and six houses.

Bethany was the only town in Genesee County but what received a donation from the Holland Land Co. of 100 acres of land for religious purposes. The earliest record we have of religious services is that of the Freewill Baptists, the Rev. Nathaniel BROWN being instrumental in organizing a church in 1809. In 1839 they put up a wooden edifice. They now have 82 members in the society, which is presided over by Hiram G. SCHOONOVER. Their property is valued at $1,000.

The Methodists held camp-meetings at "Bennett's" or Little Canada, as early as 1810, and Benjamin BARLOW, a local preacher, held services in the town in 1811, as did also Father WALLER and Brother HOWE, who came from Wyoming County. They also built the church now owned by the Free Methodists. This society was organized by Jonathan K. BARLOW, the pioneer physician, and held its meetings in the same building with the Presbyterians, which was afterwards used as an academy. A society was organized in 1820, and one January 7, 1832, but soon became extinct. A Bethany Union Church Society was organized in 1828.

At Little Canada a Free Methodist Society was organized and the church, formerly built by the regular Methodists, was purchased, but we cannot learn when. The church is small in membership, there being now only about 17 persons, with C.W. BACON, pastor.

The first regular Baptist Church, located at Bethany Center, was organized May 7, 1820, with 26 members, and John BLAIN was its pastor. In 1826 a building was erected, and the same is still occupied by the society. They now have 58 members, and Rev. T.M. SCARFF is the pastor. Their property is valued at $2,000. The Sunday-school, organized in 1829, now has about 75 members.

October 20, 1829, a Presbyterian Church was organized at Bethany Center by Messrs. WHITING, WATTS, BLISS, and a few others. Rev. W. WHITING was the first pastor. They built a structure, of wood, in 1839. At present they have 50 members, and about 60 scholars in the Sunday-school.

On June 17, 1817, a Congregational church was organized at East Bethany by John BLISS, a missionary from Connecticut, with 11 members. The first pastor was Rev. Reuben HARD, who came in 1823. The society built a brick edifice in 1824, costing about $3,000. The same year they adopted the Presbyterian form of government. In 1825 there were 23 members; in 1834, 58; in 1843, 65; and in 1846, 35. The ministers have been Revs. WILCOX, KNIFFEN, MILES, SMALLER, CLARK, BARRIS, and others. The membership is now only 16, and the Sunday school has about 70 scholars. The Rev. W.M. MODESTTI is pastor.

A protestant Episcopal church was built about 1826 called Zion church. At the laying of the corner-stone, July 4th, Judge MITCHELL delivered the oration, and Masonic ceremonies aided in making the occasion interesting. In 1845 Bishop DELANCEY visited the church, at which time Rev. M. OAKS was the minister. A Rev. Mr. ATWATER was a minister at one time, but we fail to learn but little about the society.

The following are names of some of the early settlers of Bethany, with the date of settlement:

In 1803: Charles CULVER, John DEWEY, O. FLETCHER, David HALL, Orsamus KELLOGG, Solomon KINGSLEY, Capt. G. LATHROP, L.D. and Samuel PRINDLE, Richard PEARSON, Sr., Nathaniel PINNEY, Jedediah RIGGS, M. SCOTT, Horace SHEPARD, and John TORREY.

In 1804: Peter ADLEY, John BOYNTON, William and W.B. COGGESHALL, James and Jerry COWDREY, Lewis DISBROW, Peleg DOUGLASS, N. EASTMAN, Elisha GIDDINGS, John GRIMES, C. GLASS, Joseph HAWKS, Thomas HAEDING, John HALSTEAD, Alanson JONES, Henry and Solomon LATHROP, Sylvester LINCOLN, Sr., John ROBERTS, John and Phineas SMITH, Israel SHEARER, David TYRRILL, Joel S. WILKINSON, and Isaac R. and William WILLIAMS.

In 1805: David ANDERSON, Patrick ALVIN, Israel and Abel BUELL, Erastus, James, and Jeremiah BENNETT, Joseph BARTLETT, Eli BRISTOL, Jonathan and Jason BIXBY, John CHAMBERS, Ezekiel FAY, John GREENOUGH, John HUNTINGTON, Thomas HALSTEAD, Jedediah LINCOLN, Asher LAMBERTON, Gershom ORVIS, Peter PUTNAM, Jr., Eli PERRY, A. ROBBINS, Alfred ROSE, Richard STILES, Josiah SOUTHARD, Elisha WALLACE, Peter WILKINSON, Isaac WILSON, and Philo WHITCOMB.

In 1806: Joseph ADGATE, Elisha ANDREWS, Lewis BARNEY, D.W. BANNISTER, Peter and Chester DAVIDSON, Eben EGGLESTON, Moses GOODRICH, Liberty JUDD, Henry RUMSEY, Thomas STARKWEATHER, David STEWART, Joseph SHEDD, and Eben WILSON.

In 1807: Heman and Buell BROWN, and Sylvester LINCOLN, Jr.

In 1808: __ COLE, Elisha HURLBURT, Moses PAGE, and Eliza PECK.

In 1809: Elder Nathaniel BROWN, Calvin BARROWS, and Eleazer FAUNCE.

In 1810: Patience KINGSLEY, O. WALKER, and W. WAITE, Sr.

In 1811: Israel COOK, Alexander GRIMES, Daniel MARSH, Jesse RUMSEY, Charles SMEAD, and Judge WILSON.

In 1812: Israel FAY and Robert LOUNSBURY.

In 1813: Abner ASHLEY, S. BOWERS, Josiah CHURCHILL, Capt. Lodowick CHAMPLIN, W.R. DIXON, John EASTLAND, I. EVEREST, John METCALF, William ODIORNE, Harvey PRINDLE, John PAGE, and Nathan RUMSEY.

In 1814: Thomas ADGATE, Charles DIXON, T. FAY, Alanson D. LORD, Rufus MUNGER, and W.F. NORTON.

In 1815: James BENNETT, Jr., Charles BRISBEE, Richard B. FRENCH, John GREEN, John LINCOLN, A. PARSONS, J. SAUNDERS, James STEWART, and Benjamin SMITH.

In 1816: G. COTTRELL, J. ROLFE, and Asabel and James SHEPARD.

In 1817: B. BARLOW and Daniel LYDE.

In 1818: David MERRITT and Jared S. LORD.

In 1819: S. DEBOW and ____ GARDNER.

In 1824: James BAKER.

In 1825: Orange ALLEN and R.R. BROWN.

In 1828: Aaron BAILEY.

In 1829: E.C. DIBBLE.

In 1832: Nathaniel HUGGINS.

The following came prior to 1825: Richard POWERS, Ira WAITE, Matilda WEDGE, Samuel JOLLES, and C.J. LINCOLN

Our readers will find some interesting facts connected with the following sketches of the present prominent living residents and their ancestors, the early pioneers.

The late Martin ARMBREWSTER was born November 24, 1819, in BADEN-BADEN, Germany. About 1846 or '47 he married Frances SNNEEFF, of the same place, and in l854 they came to the United States, locating first in Buffalo, then in Batavia, and finally in the town of Bethany. They had 15 children, of whom three died in infancy, Louisa died aged about 22 years, and 11 survive, namely: Caroline, Mary, Francis, Ezra, Elizabeth, Sophia, Fred, Frank, Jennie, John, and Ella M. Mr. ARMBREWSTER died September 26, 1879. Mrs. ARMBREWSTER is living on road 31, in this town.

Robert BENNINGTON, father of John R., was born in England, and was a resident of Yorkshire and Lancaster. January 14, 1822, when 21 years old, he came to America and located in New Lisbon, Otsego County, N.Y. In 1847 he married Eliza KENYON, of Edmeston, Otsego County. They had 10 children, namely; Charles, Henry G., William, John R., Edwin, Harriet, Phebe, Alfred, Agnes E., and Mary L. John R. was born in the town of New Lisbon, Otsego County, September 28, 1852. He was educated in the public schools until he was 20 years of age. He is a farmer and breeder of grade sheep, and at present is superintendent of the James H. HUME farm, on road 2, of 411 acres. February 11, 1880, he married Jane E., only daughter of Thomas RATHONE, of Burlington, Otsego County, and they have one girl, Ethel H., born February 23, 1882.

John BOYLE was born in Tipperary County, Ireland, in 1846, and came to America in 1863. In 1867 he married Kate DOWER, of County Waterford, Ireland. They were married in New York city, and soon after returned to Ireland, where they remained five years, when they came to this country and located in this town. They have nine children, viz.: Patrick W., John R., Lawrence, Mary, Thomas, Kate, Robert, Julia, and Edwin. They reside on road 16 corner of 15. Mrs. Kate BOYLE is a thrifty business woman.

Rev.Nathaniel BROWN, grandfather of Wilder and Walter, came from Strafford, Orange County, Vt., in 1809, and located at West Bethany, on the place now owned by John S. BALDWIN. He was the first Freewill Baptist minister west of the Genesee River. He organized the first church of that denomination there in 1809. He was a pensioner of the Revolution. Rev. Mr. BROWN, after coming to West Bethany, preached for the people there the remainder of his life without compensation. On one occasion he was induced to take one dollar, and before he arrived home he gave it away to a poor man. Col. Daniel BROWN, his youngest son, was born at the old home in Orange County, Vt., August 10, 1806, and came in 1810 with his parents to the home his father had located in 1809. He received a fair education for that early day, and was a man well versed in all matters concerning the welfare of his country and county. He was a fluent public speaker, and was colonel of the 16th N.Y. Cav. He first married Julia LOUNSBURY, by whom he had three children, Jane, Laura, and Marquis. For his second wife he married Elanora A. COOK, and they had nine children, viz.: Wilder, Julia, Emerette, Cassius, Walter, Sarah, Abigail, Marquis, 2d, and Alice. Wilder, born May 28, 1841, received a common school education, and is a carpenter and farmer by occupation. November 29, 1865, he married Frances E., youngest daughter of Charles LORISH, of Linden. They have one son, Cassius Staley, born April 3, 1875. Col. Daniel BROWN died March 31, 1879. Walter BROWN was born February 13, 1847, and received a good education. He has a good intellect with perceptive faculties well developed, and is a farmer and general dealer. December 31, 1872, he married H. JENNE, youngest daughter of the late Harry G. LINCOLN, of Bethany. They have one son, Leon H.D., born May 14, 1884. Mr. and Mrs. BROWN are living on road 15, adjoining the Col. BROWN homestead.

Heman BROWN, Sr., grandfather of Benjamin R., was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. Heman, Jr., came with his parents from Strafford, Vt., to this town when he was 13 years old. He was born May 30, 1794. He was in the War of 1812. They located at Brown's Corners, road 17 corner 19. He married twice, first, Maria HUNTINGTON, formerly of Litchfield, Conn. They had four children, of whom two sons are deceased, and two daughters survive, namely: Mary and Harriet. For his second wife Mr. BROWN married, February 10, 1842, Sophia Ann CONKLIN, formerly of Steuben County, N.Y. They had four children, of whom tow daughters are deceased, and the sons survive, viz.: Lee E. and Benjamin R. Benjamin R. was born November 13, 1848. He received a good education. September 24, 1874, he married Celia S., second daughter of Charles and Elizabeth SNELL, of his native town. They have had six children, four of whom survive, namely: Charles H., Fernie E., Jesse R., and Bessie M. Mr. and Mrs. BROWN reside on land which is father bought in 1821, on road 19 corner 27. Mr. BROWN's mother resides with him, being a pensioner of the War of 1812, aged 80 years.

Calvin BARROWS, father of Sexturs T., was born near Worcester, Mass., in 1783, and came to Seneca Falls, N.Y., in 1808. He married Olive PATTERSON, of Waterloo, Seneca County, and soon after moved to Bushville, in this town, where he remained two years, and was in charge of the cloth factory there for Mr. BUSH. In 1809 he came to Linden, when there were only three houses in the place. He built a dam for the purpose of utilizing the water power of Little Tonawanda Creek, and erected a wool-carding and cloth-dressing factory, which was completed in 1810. They had seven children, namely: John, Volney, William, Franklin, Sexturs T., Jeanett, and Evander H. Sexturs T., born in Linden, December 25, 1819, was educated in the common schools, and worked in the carding-mill 10 years. December 21, 1842, he married Rachel, third daughter of John MERRITT, of Middlebury, Wyoming County. They have four children, viz.: Margaretta J., Olive R., George N., and Charles C. Margaretta J. married Hiram O. REDDISH, of Wyoming village; Olive R. married Buel ROGERS, of Linden, now of Attica; Charles C. married Aurelia J. RICHARDSON, also of Linden. Mr. BARROWS has live on the old homestead 70 years.

Amos BLOOD, grandfather of Oscar W., was born March 11, 1763, and his father was killed in the Revolutionary war. One of Amos's sons, Nason, was born November 4, 1796, at Haverhill Corners, Grafton County, N.H. He received a good education, and was a farmer by occupation. He came with his father to Alexander, this county, when 15 years old, and February 28, 1822, he married, first, Rhoda EVEREST, of Bethany. He served in the War of 1812. They had six children, as follows: Nelson, Niles, Warren, Obed, Luman, and Amos. For his second wife he married Mrs. Eunice (KNOWLTON) WEST, October 1, 1840. They had one son, Oscar W., born December 17, 1843, on the farm upon which he resides and owns. Oscar W. received a common school and academic education, until he was 21 years of age. May 9, 1867, he married Mary L., oldest daughter of Robert EASTLAND, of Bethany, and they have six children, viz.: Eunice E., Jessie L., Charles R., Walter E., Mary J., and Monroe T. Eunice E. is a student at the Geneseo Normal School, and is also a school teacher. The family all reside at home. Mr. BLOOD is a successful fruit grower and breeder of thoroughbred Merino sheep, and is one of Bethany's enterprising farmers, residing on road 33.

Mark BASSERT, born in Baden, Germany, April 22, 1829, came with his mother to America in 1847, and located at Batavia, N.Y. December 3, 1853, he married Catherine MILLER, of Germany. They have three children, Louis, George, and Ursilla. Louis married Anna M. DENNIS, of Stafford; George married Lydia WORST, also of Stafford; and Ursilla married Urbon BOTMER, of Batavia. Mr. BASSERT served his adopted country in Co. G, 8th N.Y.H.A. Vols., and was discharged at the close of the war. He was wounded in the right shoulder June 16, 1864 in front of Petersburg, while charging the enemy's works. Mr. and Mrs. BASSERT reside in the village of East Bethany.

Michael BURNS, father of James, was born in Wicklow, on the east coast of Ireland, about 1833, and married Elizabeth DUFFY, of the same place. They had 10 children. He came to America in 1852 to prepare a home for his family; his wife and three of his children followed in 1854. James, who was born at the old home June 25, 1843, came to America about 1856, and located in the town of Bethany. About November 1, 1872, he married May FROLICKER, of East Bethany, and they had one son, Frank M., born October 23, 1873. Mrs. BURNS died October 24, 1887. Mr. BURNS and his son reside on road 14 in this town.

John BURKEL, born in Arlin county, Belgium, October 15, 1850, came to America in 1870, landing in New York, February 22d. He finally located in Byron, Geensee County. May 10, 1874, he married Barbara, oldest daughter of John and Kate COLTAX, of Sheldon, Wyoming County. They have had three children, namely: John, Jr., born May 20, 1875; Lizzie, who died aged one year and nine months; and Sylvester, born September 29, 1882. Mrs. BURKEL's parents are of French extraction. Her father, John COLTAX, came to America from France in 1846, when he was 21 years old, and located in Wyoming County, N.Y. He married Kate COLTAX, of his native country, and they had seven children, viz: John, Michael, Barbara, Mary, Libbie, Anna, and Margaret. Mr. and Mrs. BURKEL reside on road 6, in Bethany.

James BAKER, father of Thomas S., was born in Butternut, Otsego County, N.Y., in September, 1804, and came to Stafford, Genesee County, in 1824. They had four children, viz: Joseph R., Thomas S., Sarah P., and James P. Thomas S. was educated in the common schools. November 10, 1854, he married Hannah R., youngest daughter of John REED, of Pavilion, and they have one son, John A., born February 14, 1857. John A. was educated in the common schools, and March 9, 1880, he married Libbie A. SMITH, of Le Roy. They have had two sons and one daughter, of whom the latter died in infancy. Edgar T. and Clarence S. survive. Mr. and Mrs. BAKER reside on road 36.

Ambrose BOOTH, father of Fred A., was born in Steuben County, N.Y., January 24, 1834. He was educated in the public schools, and is a farmer by occupation. April 6, 1857, he married Charity G. HOVEY, of Cattaraugus County. They have three children, namely: Adna J., Frank D., and Fred A. The latter was born in Dale, Wyoming County, March 14, 1865. He received a good education, and is a farmer. August 9, 1888, he married Sadie L. youngest daughter of Philip MOYER, of Alexander. They reside near the village of Linden.

Adam CACNER was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, about 1776. He married Mary A. WINTERMAN, and they had seven children, three of whom were born in Germany. George, born December 25, 1841, came to Bethany when he was 12 years old, and made his home with Israel E. JUDD. December 18, 1863, he enlisted in Co. L., 8th N.Y. H.A. Vols., and was discharged from Zekel's General Hospital, May 27, 1865. He was in the battles of the Wilderness, Cold Harbor, and in front of Petersburg, where he was disabled June 23, 1864, by a gun-shot wound in the leg. December 25, 1865, he married Sarah Jane, oldest daughter of Edward SMITH, formerly of Canada. They have six children, namely: Mary O., Kattie M., Frank J., Emily S., Clary A., and Charles W. Mr. and Mrs. CACNER are residing in this town on road 20.

John COVEY, born in Saratoga County, N.Y., in 1787, of English ancestry, married Betsey ALTHOUSE, in 1809. Alvah COVEY, his eldest son, was born at Half Moon, Saratoga County, July 22, 1810, and married, February 6, 1837, Jane, daughter of John HARDICK. She was born September 3, 1816. Her father was born in Athens, Greene County, in 1783. Ten children were born to Alvah and Jane (HARDICK) COVEY, five of whom survive, namely: Alvah S., Charlotte I., Eugene, Emma J., and Frank H. The latter, born April 9, 1861, in Penfield, Monroe County, received a common school and commercial education, and was associated in business with his father, who came to Penfield about 1838 and was a successful nurseryman there. By energy, perseverance, and strict integrity he laid the foundation for his afterwards ample fortune. July 13, 1882, Frank H. COVEY married Minnie J., third daughter of Henry and Louisa (GROOM) PALMER, of Glenville, N.Y. She was born in Clifton Park, Saratoga County, December 18, 1860. They have a daughter, Minnie Ethel, born September 20, 1883. Mr. COVEY came to Bethany in the spring of 1888.

Elisha CHADWICK, born in Lyme, Conn., June 2, 1788, married Betsey RUSSELL, of the same place, February 15, 1815. They came to Bethany about 1823, with an ox-team and cart. They had eight children, namely: Nancy M., Daniel R., Israel M., Mary E., Harriet, Joseph H., J. Edward, and David R. J. Edward was born April 1, 1829, in this town. He received a public school and academic education, and September 9, 1857, married Emeline M. DUTTON, of Pavilion, who was born August 6, 1830. Mr. CHADWICK is doing a general insurance business in the adjoining towns and counties, and resides on road 24 in the town of Bethany.

    Patrick H. CANNON was born in Galway, Ireland, March 17, 1836.  March 4, 1863, he married Mary GALMAN, of his native place, and April 3, 1864, they landed in New York, and located at Roxbury, Mass.   They have had nine children, one of whom died in infancy, and eight survive, namely:  Mary A., Patrick H ., Jr., John J., Kattie T., Fannie E., Nellie M., Thomas E., and James.  Mr. and Mrs. CANNON are living on road 22.

    Joseph CRAWFORD was born October 10, 1833, in Rochester, N.Y., received a practical education, and in early life was a farmer.  He moved with his parents to Attica, Wyoming County, in 1841.  In 1854 they moved to the town of Bethany, and located on road 17 corner 19.  April 10, 1861, he married Julia, oldest daughter of Col. Daniel and Eleanora BROWN, of Bethany.  She was born February 17, 1840. Mr. CRAWFORD learned the milling business about 1873, and is now proprietor of the grist-mill and grocery store at West Bethany.  He was appointed post-master, during President GRANT's second term, in 1876, which office he still holds.

    Stewart COPELAND was born in County Down, Ireland, in December, 1807.  He married Agnes FENNON, of his native place, and came to America in 1833, first locating in Rochester, and finally came to Bethany, Genesee County.  They had nine children, as follows:   Thomas, Robert, John, Elizabeth, Stewart, Jr., Agnes, James, Marion, and William W., of whom Thomas, Robert, James, Agnes, and Marion are deceased.  Stewart, Jr., a bachelor, is a fruit grower and farmer, and his father resides with him.  John COPELAND married Nellie NEFF, of Leicester, Livingston County, and they had seven children, as follows:  Thomas, Katie, Everett, Fennon, Nancy, James, and John, Jr.   Thomas and Nancy are deceased.  He enlisted in 1861 in Co. E, 9th Inf. N.Y. Vols., and was discharged in August, 1863.  Both John and Stewart, Jr., reside on road 34, in this town.

    Calvin CURTIS was born in Berkshire County, Mass., July 25, 1778.  He was married three times, first to Jemima THOMPSON, and second to Polly CLAPP, and five children were born to him.  For his third wife he married Mrs. Nancy (HIBBARD) STORRS, of Wyoming County, by whom he had four children, namely:  Samantha, Martha, Daniel S., and Roger H.   Daniel S., born September 5, 1829, was educated in the public schools until he was 16 years old.  January 10, 1850, he married Amanda H., fifth daughter of Clark ELDRIDGE, of Canandaigua, Ontario County.  They have three children, of whom Calvin died at the age of three years, and two survive, namely:  Frank R., born January 3, 1857, and Lottie B., born July 3, 1858, who married Andrew B. MORRIS, of Middlebury, Wyoming County.  Frank R. married Sarah BOYCE, of Wyoming village.   Mr. and Mrs. CURTIS reside on road 14, in the hamlet of Little Canada.

    Dr. Orlando R. CROFF was born three miles west of Warsaw village, August 10, 1817, at two o'clock in the afternoon.  He received a common school and academic education, studied medicine with Dr. Jonathan K. BARLOW, of Bethany Center, graduated in 1843, and has practiced medicine since (46 years).  April 14, 1844, he married Mary E., second daughter of Dea. Elisha CHADWICK, of Warsaw.  They have two children, namely:  Ganson W., born April 1, 1845, and Nella M., born May 28, 1866, who resides at home with her parents. Ganson W. is a practicing physician.  He studied medicine with his father, attended lectures at Ann Arbor, Mich., and graduated from the University of Buffalo in 1867.  He married Clara S., fifth daughter of Edmond BRAINARD, of this town, and they have had 10 children, viz.:  Orlando W., James B., R.D., Belle, Effie M., Betsey, Lois, Ganson W., Jr., Clara M., and D. Olive.  They all reside in Bethany Center.

    Samuel DYE, born in the town of Mayfield, Montgomery County, N.Y., June 20, 1818, came with his parents to Springwater when 13 years of age. In 1841 he married Sarah BEVINS, of Springwater.    They had eight children, now living:  Samuel H., William R., Jennie M., Julia A., Ada M., Eudora H., and George E.   Samuel H. owns a fruit farm on road 20.  In the war of the Rebellion he enlisted, August 30, 1862 in Co. I, 136th Inf. N.Y. Vols., and was discharged on surgeon's certificate of disability by loss of use of left leg, from a gun-shot wound received in the battle of Gettysburg, from the hospital at Philadelphia, Pa.   At the same time he was shot in the right arm near the shoulder, which was broken, and also through the third finger of the right hand, the ball passing through the fleshy part of the hand, under the thumb, into the wrist.  

    Charles DIXON came from Chatham, Conn., to Bethany, and located on road 23 in 1814, leaving his family at home while he built a log house.  In the spring of 1815 he returned for his wife and 12 children.  Their conveyance was an ox-team and cart and a one-horse wagon.  Two children were born to them in their new home, two also died, and 12 survived. One of them, William R., who was born on the old homestead in Bethany, May 13, 1822, was educated in the public schools, and was a farmer by occupation.  December 24, 1863, he married Sophia, oldest daughter of Nicholas CHILSON, of Pavilion.  They have had five children, three of whom died in infancy, and two survive, namely:  W. Walter, born September 21, 1866, and Charles A., born December 24, 1871.  Mrs. Sophia DIXON and her two sons reside on the DIXON estate in this town.

    Caleb ELLISON was born in Orange County, N.Y., in 1803, and after his father's death went to Canada with his mother, where he remained 40 years.  He married Jane WILKINS, of Ancaster, County Wentworth, Canada, and they had seven children, as follows: Nelson C., Eleanor, Matilda, Louisa, Jane, John, and William.  Nelson C. was born in Canada, August 2, 1828.  He received a common school education, and August 23, 1859, married Caroline, second daughter of Aaron TAYLOR, formerly of England.  They have eight children, namely:  Roenna, Mary J., Delia V., Florence, Milton, Robert, Courtney J., and Lilly B.   Mr. and Mrs. ELLISON reside on road 28.

    Daniel EDWARDS, who was born in Rutland, Vt., March 27, 1807, came to New York State when a young man.  He crossed the Genesee River at Rochester before any bridges were built, and located in Monroe County.  December 22, 1836, he married Abby M. CONLEE, of Stillwater, and they had two children, Sylvester C. and Charles D.   The latter was born in Sweden, Monroe County, November 21, 1840.  He received a public and Normal school education, began teaching school when he was 16 years old, and taught 17 terms.  August 11, 1862, he enlisted in Co. A, 140th Inf., N.Y. Vols., and was discharged December 18, 1864, for physical disability.  He acted as company commissionary-sergeant.  January 1, 1865, he married Caroline, third daughter of Lawrence COOPER, of Clarkson, Monroe County.  They have had eight children, viz:  Arthur Alger, who died in 1873, aged 19 months; Sheridan, born November 25, 1865; Ida M., born June 1, 1868; Belle J., born May 8, 1870; Henry C., born April 12, 1874; Lille E., born August 21, 1878; Erwin B., born August 13, 1883; and Carrie, born May 24, 1887.  Mr. and Mrs. EDWARDS reside on road 3 in this town.

    The first known of the ELLIOTT family was in East Crocker, Somersetshire, England.  One Andrew ELLIOTT came to Beverly, Mass., about the year 1668, joined the first church there in 1670, and died in 1703 or '04.  The Rev. Jesse ELLIOTT was born in Mason, N.H., in 1799, was educated in the theological college of Hamilton, N.Y., graduated in the class of June, 1826, and afterwards taught in the Oneida Indian Mission
Station.  For 54 years he was a faithful minister of the gospel in the Baptist denomination.  He married twice, first, June 21, 1827, Phebe, daughter of Nathaniel and Betsey YEOMANS, of Greenville, N.Y., by whom he had five children, of whom one son died in infancy, and four survive, namely:  Emily R., Elizabeth, William, and Nathaniel.   His first wife died October 22, 1840, and May 16, 1841, he married, second, Mary C., seventh daughter of Hezekiah WILLIS, of Western, Oneida County, who bore him one daughter, now Mrs. Jerome H. FILKINS, of Bethany Center, and one son, S. Willis, born April 17, 1848, in Middlebury, Wyoming County.  The latter received a good common school and academic education until he was 16 years old.  He was engaged in mercantile business 11 years, has taught school several terms, and is a farmer by occupation.  September 28, 1869, he married Angela A., seventh daughter of Edmund BRAINARD. They have had five children, three of whom are deceased, and two survive, namely:  A. Grace, born September 17, 1874, and Brainard W., born September 21, 1879.  Rev. Jesse ELLIOTT died March 24, 1880.  S. Willis ELLIOTT has been actively engaged in purchasing and helping to survey land for the new line of railroad from Geneva to Buffalo during the fall and winter of 1889-90.

    David FILKINS was born in Dutchess County, N.Y., in 1807, and came with his parents to Pavilion in 1809.  About 1834 he married Jemima PECK, who was born in Lyme, Conn.   They had five children, namely:  Angeline M., Caroline P., Sarah E., Jerome H., and Albert D.  Jerome H. was born in this town November 7, 1839. He was educated in the public schools and is a farmer by occupation.  He married twice, first, April 14,1864, Emily O. STEVENS, who died December 24, 1865, and second, June 23, 1868, Mary C., third daughter of the late Rev. Jesse ELLIOTT, formerly of Churchville, Monroe County.  They had two children, viz.:  Jessie M., born October 25, 1869, and Angela E., born August 30, 1877, both of whom are deceased.  Mr. and Mrs. FILKINS reside in the village of Bethany Center.

    John FOLK, who was born in Germany, June 17, 1812, married Catherine SHELABARGER, also of Germany, and they had five children, as follows:  Casper, John (who was killed in the late war), Catherine, Michael, and Mary.  Casper FOLK, eldest son of John, was born in Germany, January 24, 1849, and came with his parents to America in 1853, locating in Bennington, Wyoming County, N.Y.  November 17, 1868, he married Mary CROUSE, of Lancaster, Erie County.  They have 10 children, namely:  Kate, George, John, Mary, Sarah, Lizzie, Clara, Michael, Frank, and Julia.

    The FRENCH family came from England on the ship 'Mayflower,' and first located in the East.  Richard B. FRENCH was born in the northwest part of the town of Bethany in 1815.  He received a common school and academic education, was a farmer, school teacher by occupation, and July 4, 1843, he married Esther, only daughter of Nehemiah TRACY, of Alexander, and they had three children: Carson F., W. Cary, and Ernie.  W. Cary, born November 20, 1847, was educated in the common schools and in pike Seminary, Wyoming County.  Mr. FRENCH has held the office of highway commissioner of his town.  June 25, 1874, he married Zorada, seventh daughter of Edmund BRAINARD, of Middlebury, Wyoming County.  They have had three children, of whom one son is deceased, and two survive, namely:  Irma E., born June 30, 1875, and C. Tracy, born December 23, 1881.  Mr. and Mrs. FRENCH reside on road 35, on the old BRAINARD place.

Caleb GIFFORD was born in Lyme, Grafton County, N.H., April 10, 1805, and came to Genesee County with his parents when he was two years old.  They located in Warsaw (old Genesee County), and their mode of conveyance was an ox-team and cart.  He married Julia, second daughter of William RAYMOND, of Warsaw, and they had four children, viz.:  William R., James H., Mary E., and Frances J.   James H. was born in Bethany, June 22, 1835, and received a common school and academic education.  He is a farmer and fruit grower.  February 28, 1872, he married Martha A., oldest daughter of Edmund STEBBINS, of his native town.  They have two children, William C., born January 8, 1879, and Mabel, born September 23, 1881.  They reside near East Bethany, on road 22.

Seba GRANGER, grandfather of Byron, was a resident of Cherry Valley, Otsego County.  One of his sons, John, married Elizabeth CLEAVELAND, formerly of Vermont.  They had eight children, as follows:  Chester, Seba, Jr., Byron, Elizabeth, Mary, Chloe A., Almira, and Abigail.  They located in Monroe County about 1815.  Byron, born in Penfield, Monroe County, August 28, 1819, was a carpenter and joiner by trade.  February 19, 1852, he married Lucetta S. DISBORO, of Stafford, and they had five children, only two of whom, Sanford B. and Charles D., survive.  Charles D. married Barbara HARSCH, of Le Roy.  Byron GRANGER served in Co A, 1st Dist. Columbia Cav. Vols., and now resides on road 6 in Bethany.

James GILLARD, who was born in Devonshire, England, in 1820, married Ann WARREN, of the same place, and they had children as follows:  Mary A., William, Ellen, Edward, Emma, John, Walter A., and Jessie.  Walter A. GILLARD was born in North Devon, May 1, 1859.  He was educated in the common schools, and in 1879 came to America, locating in Stafford, this county.  October 7, 1884, he married Mary L., second daughter of Hiram PORTER, of Bethany.  Mr. PORTER was a native of Vermont.  He resides in Little Canada in the town of Bethany.

John GARTNER, born in Wurtemberg, Germany, about 1789, married Catherine BESSINGER, and they had 10 children, only three of whom are living, namely:  Jacob, Barbara, and George.  They came to America and located in Lancaster, Erie County, where Jacob was born October 3, 1839.  He received a common school education, and is a farmer by occupation.  May 8, 1861, he married Elizabeth, second daughter of Alexander LEWIS, of Clarence, Erie County.  Her father was born in Vermont, of Scotch ancestry.  They reside on road 31.

John HARPER was born in Devonshire, England, June 22, 1824.  He married Susan HOLLAND, of his native place, came to America in 1852, and located in the town of Stafford.  They have five children, viz.:  Emma, Charles W., Kate, George, and Elizabeth.  Charles W. HARPER was born in Stafford, August 4, 1855, received a common school education, and is a carpenter and joiner by occupation.  September 18, 1884, he married Ellen R., oldest daughter of Elias LYON, of Attica, by whom he has two children, Edna A. and Charles L.   Mr. and Mrs. HARPER reside on road 24.

Ephraim HARDING, grandfather of Erastus D., served from Connecticut as a soldier in the Revolutionary war under General PUTNAM.  Alfred HARDING served in the War of 1812.  Erastus D. HARDING was born in Lyme, Conn., February 14, 1815, and when 10 years of age came with his parents to Genesee county, where they arrived October 5, 1824, and located three-quarters of a mile north of Bethany village.  February 22, 1838, he married Mary H., oldest daughter of William NOTT, formerly of Devonshire, England, but now of Bethany.  They have had 10 children, of whom eight survive, namely:  Eveline B., Mary E., Erastus G., Jennie M., Estella A., Flora C., William E., and Herbert H.   Erastus G. HARDING is a physician and surgeon in Wyoming County; William E. is professor in the literary department of the Institution for the Blind in Batavia; Jennie M., resides with her parents; and Herbert H. is married and takes charge of the farm.  Mr. HARDING has been deacon in the Baptist Church for many years.

David HYDE was born in Essex, Vt., in l792.  He learned the cabinet-makers' trade, went to Boston, Mass., at the age of 21 years, and worked at his trade, and also carpentering.  He left Boston in 1817 and located on the Little Tonawanda, on road 27 1/2, in the town of Bethany.  About 1826 he married Theirsy ALGER, of Bethany, and they had two children, Edgar and Edwin J.   The latter was born June 6, 1830, on the old homestead, where he spent his boyhood, alternately on the farm, in the saw-mill, and in school.  July 5, 1851, he married Jane E., oldest daughter of Erastus L. NORTON, of Alexander.  They have had five children, of whom three are deceased, and two survive, namely:  Charley E.D. and Lillian E., the latter a graduate of the New England conservatory of Music, in Boston.   Mr. HYDE served as first sergeant in Co E, 105th Inf. N.Y. Vols., and was discharged for disability.  He is a teacher of vocal music and leader of the Genesee and Wyoming Musical Association.  His grandfather, Ephraim, served in the Revolutionary war, and his father in the War of 1812.

John JENNE was born in Rutland, Vt., in 1791, and when a boy came with his parents to Cayuga County, N.Y.   He married Sarah F., oldest daughter of William Freeman, and soon after located one-half mile south of Bethany Center.  They had three children, namely: Lansing K., William N., and Jerusha F., the latter of whom married Harry G. LINCOLN.  William N. was born on the old homestead, August 19, 1831, received a common school and academic education, and is a progressive farmer.  January 1, 1855, he married, first, Sophia N., daughter of Henry W. GARDINER, of Attica, Wyoming County, and they had one son, Charles G., born October 16, 1857.  He, too, received a good education, and is a farmer and speculator. April 15, 1886, Mrs. JENNE died, and October 5, 1887, Mr. JENNE married for his second wife Mrs. Hattie L. (STEWART) NORTON, who died February 1, 1889.  February 15, 1882, Charles G. JENNE married Nellie, only daughter of Charles W. CONE.  She died November 17, 1885.
Israel E. JUDD was a soldier in the Revolution, and very likely was killed, as he was never heard of again.  His son was born at the close of the war, and was named Liberty in honor of the victory achieved by the colonies.  He was a soldier in the War of 1812.  He was born August 27, 1775, and was married twice, first to Miss Hannah THOMPSON, and second to Abigail EVEREST, October 4, 1807.  He had born to him seven children, namely:  Hannah, 1st., Israel E., Abigail, Anna M., Rhoda, Philip, and Hannah W.   Israel E. JUDD was born February 8, 1811, in the town of Bethany, and is now living on the farm his father located in 1806.  He received a common school education.  January 29, 1852, he married Mary, sixth daughter of Reuben WRIGHT, of Alexander, and they have one son, Franklin I., born June 20, 1853, who received a common school and academic education.  September 3, 1879, he married Sarah J., third daughter of A.D. WALDO, of Elba.  They have four children, namely:  Everest A., Mark W., Florence M., and Franklin II.  Israel EVEREST, grandfather of Israel E. JUDD on his mother's side, was captured by the Indians, and suffered untold hardships during his prison life in Montreal, Canada, and during his escape.

John KEMP was born in New Hampshire, December 20, 1786, and came to Marcellus, Onondaga County, N.Y., when a young man.  He married Charity BARROWS, of Skaneateles, and in 1832 they came to Middlebury, Wyoming County (old Genesee).  They had eight children, namely:  Harriet, Milo M., Emily, Maria L., George B., Myron J., William E., and Caroline A.   Myron J. KEMP was born in Marcellus, May 6, 1822, and came with his parents to the Genesee country when 10 years of age. He received a common school education, and has been a farmer by occupation.  May 17, 1848, he married Louisa M., second daughter of Jonathan GATES, formerly of New Hampshire.  They have no children.  Mr. KEMP is now a gentleman of leisure, and resides on East Main street, in the village of Linden.

Sylvester LINCOLN, Jr., walked from Castleton, Vt., to Batavia in 1803, and helped to survey lands in what is now the town of Elba.  He returned to Vermont in 1803 or '04 and married Eleanor WALLACE, of Hubbardton, Vt., and came with his young wife and his father's family to Bethany.  They were the fourth family that located in the town, and one of his sons, Harry G., was the second child born in the town.  Charles F., late husband of M. Jennie LINCOLN, and son of Sylvester, was born August 29, 1833, in Middlebury, Wyoming County.  He came with his parents to Bethany when very young, and received a liberal education.  February 26, 1862, he married M. Jennie, only daughter of Thomas CATHCART, of Corfu.  They had four children, namely:  Harry T., who is a farmer with his mother; John S., a graduate of the Normal School of Geneseo, N.Y., who is now teaching as principal of a High school in Steuben County; Florence M., also a teacher, who resides at home with her mother; and Anna L., who also resides at home.  After his marriage Mr. LINCOLN united with Presbyterian Church at Bethany Center, was always a consistent Christian, and for many years was an elder until his disease, May 29, 1886.  He left a widow and family and a large circle of friends to mourn his death.

The first known of the LOUNSBURY family was three brothers who came from England at an early day.  One of them had a son by the name of Robert, who married Elizabeth PINKNEY, of Dutchess County, N.Y., and went to Canada, being tempted by liberal offers of land which he secured by settling there.  One of their nine children was John, who was born in Canada, May 10, 1802, and in 1812 came with his parents to the United States.  His father incurred the enmity of the Canadians for his unflinching loyalty to the United States.  His 800 acres of land they confiscated, and he barely got away alive.  He purchased 300 acres of land situated mostly in the town of Alexander.  Very little of this land was cleared at this time.  Deer and bears were plentiful.  John's father died before he attained his majority, and the care of the family early devolved upon him.  In 1826 he married Abigail HAYES, of Bethany, and they had eight children, of whom four survive, namely:  Cordelia, Edwin, Henry, and Emily.  Edwin LOUNSBURY was born March 18, 1828, on the old homestead in Alexander.  He worked on the farm and attended school, and has always been a farmer.  March 22, 1860, he married Nora, daughter of John WELCH, and they have two children, viz.:  Thomas E., a farmer with his father, and M. Isabel, who married Frank J. PRUE, of Alexander.  Mr. and Mrs. LOUNSBURY reside on a part of the original purchase in the town of Bethany.

Cordelia LOUNSBURY was born on the east part of the town of Alexander, November 27, 1826, and received a good education. She has been twice married, first to Permina A. COGSWELL, of Alexander, April 11, 1843, and second to Thomas HOYLE, formerly of England, in November, 1860.  Both are deceased.  Mrs. Cordelia HOYLE resides on road 29, near the old homestead.

Shadrack LENT was born in Montgomery County, N.Y., June 2, 1802, and came to Genesee County with his parents when 10 years old.  He heard distinctly the reports of the guns of the contending armies at the battle of Buffalo, in the War of 1812.  They first located in Pavilion. He married Prudence A. DIXON, of Bethany, formerly of Chatham, Conn.   They had five children, namely:  Lucy A., Charles H., William B., George V.N., and Charlotte E.   George V.N., born August 10, 1841, was educated in the public schools, and is a fruit grower and farmer.  January 29, 1879, he married Minnie O. BURTON, of Cambridge, Mass., by whom he had one daughter, Harriet A., born January 6, 1883.   Mrs. LENT died February 14, 1887.  Mr. LENT's sister, Charlotte F., is keeping house for him.  He resides on road 21.

Frederick LEITZ was born in Germany, April 21, 1817.  He received a good education, and in 1852 came to America, landed in New York city, and first located at Lancaster, Erie County, and finally in Wyoming County.  November 8, 1858, he married
Bridget HALEY.  In August, 1862, he enlisted in Co. E, 136th Inf. N.Y. Vols., and participated in the battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg.  On the third day of the latter battle, at 3 P.M., he was wounded in the left wrist by a minie-ball, was sent to Jarvis Hospital, Baltimore, and was transferred to West Building Hospital, being in both 15 months.   After leaving the hospital he served in the Veteran Reserve Corps until his discharge, October 1, 1864, for disability.  He came to Bethany in 1871.  Mr. LEITZ's wrist is much disfigured and entirely useless.  He resides on road 35 in this town.

    Alanson D. LORD was born in 1806, in Herkimer County, N.Y., and about 1814 he came with his brother, Smith LORD, to Bethany.   February 4, 1835, he married Mary M., fifth daughter of James STOUGHTON, of Bethany, and they have had six children, of whom three survive, viz.:  Laura M. (Mrs. David DENTON); Ann M. (Mrs. Luin L. MUNGER); and James S., born October 27, 1844, in Wheatland, Monroe County.  In early life he was mechanic, but is now a fruit tree jobber, apiarist, and farmer.  June 19, 1873, he married Laura A., second daughter of Ira WAIT, Jr.   They have had six children, namely:  Frank J. and Minnie L., deceased; and Mary E., Mark D., Anna L., and Tracy T., who survive.  Mrs. J.S. LORD is a breeder of thoroughbred Wyandotte and Java fowls.

    Jared S. LORD was born in Durham, Greene County, N.Y., May 17, 1798, and died December 15, 1885.  When he was 20 years old he came to Western New York, and finally located in Bethany.  He married twice, first, in April, 1821, Polly EVEREST, by whom he had two children.  September 16, 1828, he married, second, Hannah CURTIS, formerly of Plymouth, Chenango County, and they had three children, namely:  Jared C., Mary J., and Hattie C., the latter of whom resides in the village of Linden.

    James MILLERICK was born in Ireland in 1838, came to America in 1856, and located in Bethany.   March 5, 1866, he married Ann, fourth daughter of Thomas BENSON, of this town.  They had five children, as follows:  Fannie A., Richard, Mary, John, and Nellie C.   Mr. MILLERICK died in February, 1888.  Ann MILLERICK, his widow, resides on road 34 in Bethany.

Isaac V. MULLEN, M.D., was born in Hector, Tompkins County, February 16, 1827, and spent his boyhood days on the farm and in the store.  In 1848, he began to study medicine with Hon. Charles D. ROBINSON, of Hornellsville, Steuben County, and graduated from the Castleton (Vt.) Medical College, June 18, 1851.  He married Laura D., youngest daughter of Royal ALDRICH, of Castleton, and they have four children.  He began the practice of medicine in St. Lawrence County, N.Y., where he remained until he went into the army as assistant surgeon of the 13th Inf. N.Y. Vols.   When the 14th H.A. was organized he became its surgeon, and was retained in hospital service six months after the war closed.  He has a good practice in the towns of Alexander and Bethany.

Salmon MUNGER, grandfather of Luin L., was a soldier in the War of 1812.  He went from Connecticut and served on the frontier near Buffalo.  His son Anson was born in Schoharie County, N.Y., and in 1844 married Lydia, eighth daughter of Asa THOMPSON.  They had two children.  Luin L. MUNGER, born July 28, 1845, in Bethany, received a liberal education, and February 15, 1862, he enlisted in Co. E, 105th Inf.  N.Y. Vols.   He was engaged in the battles of Cedar Mountain, second Bull Run, and Antietam.  AT the latter battle, which occurred September 17, 1862, he was wounded in the left leg, with a 12-pound solid shot, which caused its amputation, which operation was performed in the Smoke Town Field Hospital, where he remained until he was discharged, April 2, 1863.  July 4, 1865, he married Ann M., second daughter of Alanson D. LORD, of this town, but formerly of Herkimer County.  Mr. and Mrs. MUNGER reside on road 28.

Benjamin F. NORTON was born in the town of Bethany, October 1, 1816.   His parents came from Vermont.  He received a good education, and in1832 he married Edna FRARY, who died March 8, 1848.  He married for his second wife Elizabeth, second daughter of David LOCKE, of Batavia, and they have had four children, namely:  Charles, Walter Frank, Fred L., and William.  The last two named are deceased.  Walter Frank, born January 3, 1851, received a common school and academic education, and January 23, 1872, he married Mattie K., oldest daughter of Erastus WOOD, of Little Canada, in the town of Bethany.  Mr. and Mrs. NORTON have adopted two children, namely:  Cora L. (WOOD) and Arthur.  They are living on road 27, on the old Ira WAITE place.

George PRESCOTT was born in Devonshire, England, in 1819.  He married Mary CLARK, of the same place, and they have two children, Frank and Thomas.  In 1834 they came to America, and first located in Stafford, Genesee County.  Thomas PRESCOTT was born January 6, 1850, was educated in the public schools, and is a farmer and fruit grower.  March 21, 1881, he married Mary, oldest daughter of Richard WATSON, of Dunkirk, N.Y.  They have three children, namely:   George F., born February 19, 1882; Ruth W., born June 2, 1883; and Charles F., born December 27, 1888.  They reside on road 7 in this town.

Seth M. PECK, who was born in Lyme, Conn., January 4, 1800, served as waiter for Major LORD in the War of 1812.  September 9, 1824, he married Sarah PIERSON, of his native place, and came to Bethany and located where his son now resides, on road 24, corner 35.  They had six children, namely:  Sarah E., Phebe, Laura, S. Marvin, Almira, and Henry.  S. Marvin was born April 14, 1831, received a liberal education, and is a farmer by occupation.  May 17, 1860, he married, and has had born to him two children:  a daughter who died in infancy, and Robert C., born July 12, 1861, who survives.  Robert C. PECK married Mary BOLT, of this town, January 8, 1889.

Richard PECK, who was born in Lyme, New London County, Conn., February 5, 1786, came to this town in 1806, and located where Benjamin F. PECK now resides.  He returned to Connecticut the following spring, and returned with his grandmother and mother, with a two-horse wagon.  About 1815 he married Catherine Hope COMSTOCK, of Bethany, formerly of Haddam, Conn.  They had 12 children, 10 of whom grew to maturity, viz.:  Elizabeth M., Maria L., Nathaniel, Richard, Israel M., Catherine H., Mary A., Benjamin F., Lucy J., and Charles A.   Benjamin F. PECK was born on the homestead July 16, 1829, and received a public school and academic education until he was 18 years of age.  February 24, 1853, he married Phebe R., second daughter of S. Marvin PECK, of Bethany.  They have three children, namely:  Florence, born July 17, 1855; Richard, born October 12, 1857; and Mary A., born July 15, 1869.  Richard PECK was educated in the public schools and an academy, and is farming for his father, Benjamin F.   October 25, 1883, he married Helen C., second daughter of Freeman M. SANFORD, of Jackson County, Mich., and they have two children, Franklin H. and Helen S.

The first known of the PUTNAM family was three brothers who came from Holland to America, and located in Vermont.  Peter PUTNAM, grandfather of Orrin, served in the Revolutionary war and held the position of major.  Peter PUTNAM, Jr., was born October 21, 1785, and came to Bethany in 1805 or '06.  February 26, 1809, he married Prudence JOHNSON, who was born in Connecticut, November 15, 1784.  They had seven children, namely:  Orrin, Warren, David, Philotheta, Osgood, Seymour, and Emeline.  Orrin PUTNAM, born February 21, 1810, married, April 4, 1831, Sophia HUNTINGTON, and they had six children, namely:  Edmond, Alfred, Emogene, Hartson O., Lewis V., and Marion.  Lewis V. is in Red Canon, Wyoming Territory; Edmund resides in Rossville, Ill.; and Emogene is in Albion, Mich., the wife of Joseph SHEPARD.  Hartson O. PUTNAM was born December 12, 1849, in Batavia.  He received a common school education, and is a farmer and fruit grower.  About 1870 he married Rozelle QUANCE, of Batavia, by whom he had one son, Herbert D.   Mrs. PUTNAM died when they had been married five years, and February 22, 1882, he married, second, Alice, third daughter of John C. KINNEY, of Albion, Mich.   They have three children, viz.:  Lester O., born June 8, 1883; Persis A., born May 15, 1886; and Mary L., born February 10, 1888.  They reside on road 1.

Elijah ROGERS was born at Lyme, Conn., in 1785.  He married Maria BECKWETH, of the same place, and they had four children.  They came to Genesee County in 1811, and located in Stafford.  William E., born April 9, 1809, in Lyme, received a pioneer education.    May 13, 1834, he married Mehetabal P. BANNING, of his native place, and they have no children.  Her father, Calvin BANNING, was also born in Lyme, January 22, 1785.  William E. ROGERS and wife have been married 56 years, and have resided on road 24 for 54 years.

Bethel STAVELY was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1817, and in early life married Ann CLAYTON, of the same place.  They had four children, namely:  Eliza J., Sarah A., Jonathan, and Henry C.    In November, 1856, they came to the United States, and located near Geneva, Ontario County.  Jonathan was born in England, March 1, 1843,  and when 15 years of age, at Geneva, he enlisted in Co. E, 1st Vet. Cav. N.Y. Vols.   He was discharged at the close of the war at Rochester, N.Y.   Mr. STAVELY was a brave soldier.  He located at East Bethany, this county, and September 12, 1869, married Anne E., youngest daughter of Edward FULLERTON, of Buffalo.  They have had five children, of whom Charles W. and Sarah A. survive.   Mr. and Mrs. STAVELY reside in the village of East Bethany.

Andrew SHOWERMAN was born in Alexander about 1846, and when 18 years old he became a railroad man, first as a brakeman on the N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad, and afterwards on N.Y., L.E.& W. Railroad, where he was conductor for 20 years.  He is now baggage and express agent on the same road.  He married twice, first, Lucy VANDEBOGART, by whom he had four children, of whom two died in infancy, and two survive, viz.:  Frank C. and John.  For his second wife Mr. SHOWERMAN married Agnes CARL.  Frank C. was born June 20, 1866, and received a good academic education until he was about 17 years old. He is now station agent, telegraph operator, and express agent at Linden.

George SOUTH was born in the village of Stratton, Warwickshire, England, October 10, 1830.  At the age of 13 he was apprenticed for seven years to learn the trade of a carpenter and joiner.  There are now few men who equal him as a carpenter and builder.  He has a good education for the short time he attended school.  Mr. SOUTH married twice, first, Mary WYATT, of London, England, about 1855.  They had two children, Mary and Julia.  In 1869, he came to America, and located in Rochester, N.Y.   His wife died in 1872, and for his second wife he married Mrs. Emerett (BROWN) JUDD, of Bethany.  They have one daughter, Clara E., born April 16, 1883.  Mrs. SOUTH had three children by her first husband, viz.:  Thomas, Oscar D., and Walter E.   Mr. and Mrs. SOUTH reside on the Col. Daniel BROWN homestead, on road 19.

James SHEPARD was born in Otsego County, N.Y., November 29, 1804, came with his father, John, to this town in 1816, and married Amanda PUTNAM, January 2, 1827.  She was born October 2, 1806.  They had 10 children, all of whom grew to maturity, viz.:  Debora C. (deceased), Phebe M., Maria, Franklin P., Daniel, Harlan J., Ransom A., Ordelia A., David M., and Ellen.  Daniel SHEPARD, born in Batavia, April 10, 1835, received a common and Normal school education, and is a farmer and speculator.  March 2, 1859, he married Carrie, second daughter of David FILKINS, and they have had two children, namely:  Effie, born February 22, 1862, died December 13, 1885; and Dwight D., born April 20, 1865.  The latter was educated in the public schools, also in the high schools of Batavia, and August 26, 1886, he married Rubie E., second daughter of Augustus WOODWORTH, of this town.   They reside on the farm he purchased on his wedding day, on road 4.

Thomas SQUIRES was born in Barnstable, England, in 1819, and married Ann WARD, of the same place.  They came to America in 1854, and located in Stafford, this county.  They had seven children, namely:  Lizzie, George, Susan, William, Charles, Emma, and Frank.  George SQUIRES was born in England, January 27, 1849, and came with his parents to America in 1854.  November 23, 1870, he married Clara H., oldest daughter of Hiram PORTER, of Bethany, and they have four children, viz.:  Frank H., born April 21, 1874; Albert J. and Alfred B. (twins), born December 20, 1875; and Flora I., born June 4, 1872.  The latter attends a select school in Alexander.  Mr. and Mrs. SQUIRES reside on road 28 in this town.

Orlando M.  SMILEY was born in Oneida County, near Utica, N.Y., received a good education, and when a boy moved with his parents to the town of Elba.  He married Eunice KNICKERBOCKER and they had two children, Frank J. and Mary Eunice.  Frank J. SMILEY was born in Elba, and received a common school and academic education.  He is a farmer and a traveling man.  May 14, 1867, he married Mary I., oldest daughter of Edward T. SQUIRES, of Alexander.  They had three children, of whom two survive, namely:  Earl F., born March 27, 1878, and Ruth M., born August 7, 1884.  The family reside on road 31.

Norman G. THOMAS was born in Williamstown, Mass., of Welsh ancestry, and June 6, 1809, he came with his parents to Cazenovia, N.Y.  He was a carriagemaker by trade, and in his latter years a farmer.  January 14, 1835, he married Lucy E., oldest daughter of Alexander PATTERSON, of Livonia.  They had two children, of whom the daughter of died in infancy.   Mr. THOMAS died December 17, 1878.  George R. THOMAS was born October 24, 1839.  In 1841 he moved with his parents to Genesee County, and in 1866 he engaged in mercantile business.  October 21, 1866, he married Emogene McKAY, of Groveland, Livingston County, and they have seven children living, viz.:  Heman S., Norman G., Irene H., Lesley, Cecil R., Adelbert, and Grover.

Samuel J. TOLL, born in Schenectady, N.Y., August 24, 1829, was educated in the common schools, and when 20 years old he went to Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and finally located at Lyons, Iowa, where he followed the occupation of auctioneer.  August 10, 1861, he enlisted in the 1st Iowa Cav. Vols.; was discharged October 10, 1862; and was then mustered into the United States service as mustering officer with the rank of second lieutenant.  January 31, 1863, he received his commission as second lieutenant of Co. A, 6th Iowa Cav. Vols., and was in command of the company one year and six months.  He was discharged at the close of the war, and resided in Chicago, Ill., and Nashville, Tenn., each four years.  He then returned to Bethany, where he is now a farmer on road 12 ½, near East Bethany village.

Frederick F. WILSON was born in County Kent, England, March 4, 1811, and came to America in 1830, locating in Phelps, Ontario County, N.Y. About 1832 he married Harriet PRICE, and they had eight children, viz.: Charles, Jane, Ellen, Franklin S., Emma, Harlo, Mary, and George V. The latter was born in East Bloomfield, Ontario County, November 27, 1854. He received a common school education until he was 14 years of age, and in his boyhood worked on a farm. AT the age of 18 he began to learn the blacksmith trade, and is a first-class mechanic. March 21, 1874, he married Alice J., oldest daughter of William H. HEDGER, of Attica, Wyoming County. They have one son, William F., born January 10, 1875. They reside at West Bethany village.

Harry WOOLF was born in Rochester, Kent, England, August 23, 1861. He received a commercial education, and in 1884 came to America, and located in New York city as a book-keeper. He finally came to Linden, Genesee County, where he began his career as a merchant by peddling goods through the several towns of this and adjoining counties. January 9, 1888, he married Irma M., youngest daughter of Capt. William GRANT, of Darien, and they have one son, William A., born December 13, 1888. Mr. WOOLF located in Bethany Center as a general merchant February 9, 1889.

Guy WHEELER was born in Lanesborough, Mass., July 30, 1782, and removed to Vermont. March 12, 1804, he married Clarissa KIMBALL, in Springfield, Vt. They had 10 children, all deceased but two, namely: Mary J. and Guy, Jr. The latter was born in Benson, Vt., May 2, 1825, and came with his father's family to Middlebury, Wyoming County, in 1836. He received a liberal education, and May 30, 1870, he married Mrs. Melinda M. (GOULD) EMERY, who had one son, Clark H., a telegraph operator, who died in Mexico of yellow fever. They have four children, namely: Nora G., Maud M., Guy E., and Margie C. Nora G. is a school teacher. Mrs. WHEELER's maternal grandmother lived to be 104 years of age.

Constant WEBSTER was born in Rensselaer County, N.Y., in November, 1792. About 1818 or '19 he married, first, Miss Fanny SPRING, of his native place, and they had four children, namely: James H., John M., Almira, and Ebenezer. He married, second, Miss Ann DUSENBURY, of the same county, by whom he also had four children, viz.: Alfred, Oren S., Aaron B., and Helen. John M. WEBSTER was born July 4, 1822, in Rensselaer County. He received a good education, and married, April 22, 1847, first, Miss Sarah J. SMITH, of Attica. They had children as follows: Cassius M., Henry P., Eulelia J., Cora A., Helmer J., Grant S., and Flora J., of whom Eulelia J., Helmer J., and Grant S. are deceased. For his second wife, Mr. WEBSTER married Mrs. Mary (READ) LINCOLN, of Bethany, second daughter of the late Henry and Laura READ. Mr. WEBSTER is a retired farmer, and has been justice of the peace for 16 years.

Erastus WOOD was born in Lyme, Conn., July 26, 1803, and came to Little Canada, this county, in 1823. March 21, 1837, he married Jane HALLECK, of Orange County, N.Y., and they had five children, namely: William J., Henry H., Leonard D., Mattie J., and Phebe A. William J. WOOD was born in Little Canada, January 29, 1838, and received a public school education. He is a carriagemaker and blacksmith by occupation. He married twice, first, September 18, 1867, Mary A. KNOWLTON, by whom he had four children, namely: Jennie A., Charles F., Ella A., and Carrie M. His first wife died April 12, 1882, and for his second wife he married, January 1, 1886, Mrs. Fannie (BROOKS) BARNES, of Ross, Kalamazoo County, Mich., who bore him two sons, Cleon K. and Frank R. She had one son, Chester A., by her first husband. The family resides in Little Canada in the town of Bethany.

Ira WAIT, better known as Judge WAIT, was born March 2, 1793, and came with his father, William WAIT, to Batavia from Washington County, N.Y., at a very early date in the history of Genesee County. In early life he united in marriage with Anna BROWN, who bore him nine children. He married, second, January 3, 1837, Phebe HOTCHKISS RUMSEY, daughter of Jimmy RUMSEY. She was born in Hubbardton, Vt., March 15, 1808. They had a daughter and a son, Leonora V. and Addison. Mr. WAIT settled in Bethany, and was a farmer and surveyor. He was called upon to survey lands until he was 70 years of age. He received the appointment of associate judge of Genesee County courts, under the old State constitution, from Gov. William H. SEWARD, and held the position several years. He represented Genesee County in the Assembly of 1842, and was a magistrate of his town. These positions of honor are conclusive evidence that he was a man of superior abilities. He was also a man of sterling integrity, and had a mind and will of his own. He began his political life an "Old Line" Whig, and joined the Republican party at its organization. Mr. WAIT died of paralysis, at the home of his son-in-law, Oscar W. LORD, in Batavia, May 31, 1875, while there for a visit. Mrs. WAIT survived until June 24, 1884.

Leonora V. WAIT, daughter of Ira and Phebe H. (RUMSEY) WAIT, was born in Bethany, February 27, 1839, and married Oscar W. LORD, September 28, 1870. Oscar W. LORD was born in Bethany, July 25, 1825, the son of Jared S. LORD, who emigrated from Connecticut. He graduated from the State Normal School at Albany and taught a few terms, and then settled permanently in Batavia as a dealer in hats, caps, and furs. He died of apoplexy January 25, 1879.

Robert WALKER, born in Yorkshire, England, October 14, 1806, came to America in 1839. He married Mary ELLIS, of his native place, and they had eight children, viz.: William M., Robert, Matthew, Sarah, Hannah, John, Frank, and Ellen. Robert WALKER was killed in the battle of Cold Harbor. William M. was born in England, and came with his parents and located in Onondaga County, N.Y. September 27, 1858, he married Mary L. ARCHER, of Bennington, Wyoming County, and they have had seven children, as follows: Mary L., Hannah F., Robert J., William L., Charles E. (deceased), John E., and Raymond M. William M. WALKER enlisted December 30, 1863, in Co. H, 8th H.A. N.Y. Vols. He was in the battles of the Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Hatcher's Run, and the three days' battle before Petersburg, and was discharged at the close of the war.

Joseph WELLERT was born in Prussia, Germany, March 3, 1824. In 1862 he married Mary BURDGER, of the same place, and in 1862 came to America and located first in Batavia, afterwards in Stafford, and finally in Bethany. They had five children, namely: Charles, who married Minnie LEE, of Aurora, Ill.; Minnie, who married Christian ETTER, of Le Roy, Lewis, who resides with his parents; Henry, who also resides in Aurora, Ill.; and Eliza, who resides in Le Roy.

John WEBER was born in Germany and died when his son George P. was five years of age. George P. WEBER was born October 9, 1827, came to America in 1852, and first located in Cincinnati, O., where he remained two years, when he came to Western, N.Y. He married twice, first, Catherine SPRING, in Canada, formerly of Switzerland, and second, February 15, 1882, Wilimina HART, who was also born in Germany. Mr. WEBER served in the late war, enlisting, first, in September, 1861, in co. A, 9th Cav. N.Y. Vols., and second in Co. K, 2d Mounted Rifles N.Y. Vols. He was wounded by a minie-ball in his left arm, near the shoulder, at the battle of Cold Harbor, and was discharged as duty sergeant at the close of the war.

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