I handle more than one website and receive about many, many emails per day. I would love to help each and every one of you, but I simply can't. If you have information to contribute, please let me know as I will be glad to post it here. You also need to be aware that although my ancestors were from Genesee County, New York, I live in the Western United States. I am posting everything available to me here (primarily contributed by kind souls), but I can't do personal research.

Here are some examples of personal research:

Q. "Grandpa Smith died in Lennox around 1920. He was married to Mary Jones who was the dtr of Davy Jones and Mary's cousin was in prison and her 2nd cousin Jane Smith was related to the King of Clubs or maybe it was the Kingdom of Lilliput, who might have migrated from Boston in 1741, or 1745 or maybe 1800. And his cousin Don Johnson was the father-in-law to the former governor Ed Miller of NY at the turn of the century. What should I do now?"

A. Sorry, but I don't know and my eyes glaze over at all that gibberish. You should probably post your query on the Rootsweb Query Boards.

Q. "Do you have a list of all the churches in Genesee County?"

A. Did you search the entire site? I have posted everything I have on the site.

Q. "Help! I'm a beginner and I need to find some information on Grandpa Jones, who lived in New York somewhere"

A. You need to go to a beginner's site such as Rootsweb Site for Beginners. You need to be systematic when you are working on your family tree and you have to document everything. So start things out right by learning the proper way to start your research. It will save you gobs of time down the road.

Q. "I have transcribed some old death records for Genesee County. Would you post them on this site?"

A. You bet! And you'll receive good karma and a nice credit on the page for your kindness.

If you read all of the above and understand it, please email me at Thanks!

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