North of Edgerton Road, near Norton Road, SE corner.


Joel M., s/o Isaac & Lois (McKay) Barber, b. 1819; d. 9-25-1879, 60y 6m

Acenith, lst w/o Joel M.; d/o Ira & Elizabeth (Sackett) Howe, b. 10-16-1819; d. 11-16-1855, 36y 1m

Julia, 2nd w/o Joel M., b. 1822; d. 3-31-1880, 47y

Mary M., d/o Joel & Acenith (Howe) Barber, b. 1848; d. 5-28-1882, 33y 9m 18d

Isaac, s/o Alexander & Rachael (Kilburn) Barber, b. 1795; d. 5-7-1879, 84y

Lois (McKay), w/o Isaac, b. 1794; d. 3-12-1872, 78y

Isaac S., s/o Isaac & Lois (McKay) Barber, b. 1827; d. 6-7-1903, 75y 11m 17d

Rachel Tryphena, w/o Isaac S., d/o Isaac & Aurilla (Barber) Gould, b. 10-28-1826, Elba; d. 1-5-1919

Ida L., d/o Isaac & Rachel (Gould) Barber, d. 1-25-1880, 21y5m

David, s/o Isaac & Lois (Lowis) (McKay) Barber, d. 2-12-1823, 5 weeks

"So soon, alas, our comforts-- (rest is in illegible)"

Infant, d/o Isaac & Lois (McKay) Barber, d. 9-16-1830

Sally M., d/o Isaac & Lois (McKay) Barber, b. 4-8-1832; d. 11-24-1833, 1y 7m 16d

Mary D. (McAvoy), w/o William A. Barber, d. 10-13-1878, 40y

Freeman Martin, s/o Alexander & Rachael (Kilburn) Barber, b. 10-8-1806; d. 12-16-1859, 53y

Oliver M., s/o Freeman & E. L. (? Almeda), d. 4-21-1875, 34y 7m 20d

Sally M., w/o Burnham, d. 10-7-1828, 23y

Charles, d. 10-8-1842, 53y

Alexander,son of Samuel and Hannah (Davis) Barber from Tyringham, Berkshire, Mass., b. July 1776, d. 5-18-1817, 41y buried in Skaneatelas, N.Y.

Rachel (Kilburn), w/o Alexander, d. 9-10-1868, 91y

William A., s/o Isaac & Lois (McKay) Barber, b. 1836; d. 10-5-1903, 67y 6m 12d

Margaret Elizabeth (Anderson), 2nd w/o William A., 1856-1943

Willard D., adopted s/o William A. & Mary D. (McAvoy) Barber, b. 10-6-1874, Folsomdale; d. 7-3-1952

Lincoln G., s/o Isaac S. & Rachael (Gould) Barber, b. 4-10-1865, Elba; d. 7-13-1937

Alice J., w/o Lincoln G.; d/o Henry & Elizabeth (Cookson) Talbot, b. 9-20-1859, Elba; d. 5-27-1934


Maria, w/o Hiram W. d. 4-25-1828, 21y


Charles, d. 10-8-1892, 66y


Sarah, w/o Asaph, d. 5-9-1847, 58y


Mary M., d/o Frederick & Rachel (Shultz) Berk, b. Dec. 1871; d. 9-2-1872, l0m


Adeline, w/o Frank; d/o John & Rachel (Bridgeman) Burling, b. 7-23-1861; d. 1-30-1935


Joel Alles, s/o Daniel & Lucinda (Alles) Booth, b. 9-29-1808, Charlemont, Mass.; d. 11-27-1891, 84y "Father"

Laura T. (Colburn) Hannah, w/o Joel Alles, b. 9-23-1812; d. 2-2-1899, 86y "Mother"


Frederick B., s/o George & Polly, b. 1853, Byron; d. 2-4-1913, 59y 11m 29d

Bertha May, w/o Frederick; d/o Ezra M. & Clarissa (Wright) Gould, b. 1866, E. Elba; d. 7-24-1915

Stone shaled off

George W., s/o Thomas & Rebecca (Riddle) Bradway, b. 1-25-1819, Alexander; d. 7-4-1897, 78y

Polly, w/o George W.; d/o Elijah & Nabba (Hurel)

Rose; b. 1817, Henrietta, N.Y.; d. 2-13-1895, 78y

Henry, s/o George W. & Polly (Rose) Bradway, d. 7-17-1864, 13y 7m

Rebecca (Riddle), 2nd w/o Thomas, d. 6-21-1866, 84y


Hannah, d. 5-31-1875, 70y--appears on Mather stone


John, b. 7-24-1833, Cambridgeshire, Eng.; d. 2-14-1912

Rachel (Bridgeman), w/o John, b. 11-29-1837, Cambridgeshire, Eng.; d. 3-17-1906

A. Jackson, s/o John & Rachel (Bridgeman) Burling, b. 1857, Junius, N.Y.; d. 7-2-1896

Rachel Elizabeth (Goodwin), w/o A. Jackson, b. 7-4-1867, Elba; d. 12-8-1907

George W., s/o John P. & Lydia (Schultz) Burling, b. 12-21-1923; d. 4-8-1934 --* obit. appears in 1934; the stone is dated 1933.

John Philo, s/o A. Jackson & R. Elizabeth Burling, b. 8-16-1884, Riga or Elba; d. 11-23-1960, 76y

Lydia Dorothy, w/o John P.; d/o William & Henrietta (Bolt) Schultz; b. 4-12-1902, Lancaster, Pa.; d. 10-11-1979, 77y

Frances (Burling) Algase, d/o A. Jackson & R. Elizabeth (Goodrich) Burling; b. 10-2-1886;d. 5-24-1961, 74y


Frank T., s/o David & Amy Ann (Haskins) Chapell, b. 6-24-1861, d. 10-20-1940, 79y

Mary A., w/o Frank T.; d/o John W. & Ellen (Walker) Parnell; b. 5-22-1864, Byron; d. 9-2-1958, 94y


Lucy, d. 5-18-1861, 93y 6m *stone only has date, name broken off.


Polly, w/o Gardner, d. 11-25-1852, 75y


Clarissa, d/o z. T. & Erebes, d. 11-22-1835, 2y 7m 7d

Naomi, w/o Taylor, d. 2-26-1871, 69y 8m 18d


Minnie E., w/o William E., 1847-1870

Matilda, no dates

Florence, no dates


Amander, s/o Andrew & Anna (Deland) Crocker, b. 1-10-1808, Essex Co., N.Y.; d. 8-9-1892, 84y

Adelia (Griswold), w/o Amander, b. 9-17-1815, Genesee Co.; d. 4-19-1894, 79y,

Wallace A., s/o Amander & Adelia (Griswold) Crocker, d. 9-17-1836, 3 weeks 4 d

Infant daughter, d. 7-21-1837

Albina, d/o Amander & Adelia (Griswold) Crocker, b. 8-23-1844; d. 8-9-1862


Barbara, -* names appear on the map



Nathan P., d. 9-19-1888, 82y

Amelia, w/o Nathan P., d. 12-10-1893, 83y

Betsey, d. 5-30-1861, 80y


Marcia Ann, d/o Alonson & Diadama Dibble, d. 6-16-1839, 10y 1m 7d


Mildred S., 1937-1989, w/o Clyde W.

Clyde W., 1935-*


Laura A., w/o Erastus F., d/o Isaac & Lois (McKay) Barber; b. 1821; d. 6-10-1845, 23y 10m 1d

Erastus F. Jr., s/o Erastus F. & Laura A. (Barber) Dunning, b. 5-11-1845, d. 8-22-1845, 3m 9d

Semantha E. (Holbrook), w/o Erastus F., d. 3-23-1858, 26y 1m 16d

Martha, w/o Jacob; d/o Zeeb & Lydia (Taylor) Taylor, b. 1-29-1792; d. 7--18-1828, 36y 6m 8d


Cornelia E., w/o Dr. A. J., of Ill., d. 9-24-1862, 35y --died in Cincinnati, O.

Old, old stone- M. B. & _______, obliterated (D.A.R. records)


Calvin, d. 12-21-1856, 84y

Drusilla, w/o Calvin, d. 4-8-1856, 76y --D.A.R. says 70yrs.

Fanny, d/o Calvin & Drusilla, d. 3-11-1831

Anna, d/o Calvin & Drusilla, d. 8-24-1832, 23y


Hiram, b. 1816; d. 1-21-1892, 76y

Emily, w/o Hiram, 1818-1885

Marie Louise, d/o Hiram & Emily, d. 11-17-1866, 19y 9m 9d

Edgar Ames, s/o Hiram & Emily, b. 12-19-1857, Elba; d. 7-20-1924


Nathaniel, b. 1797, Oneida; d. 2-26-1871, 73y 10m 20d

Laura (Studley), w/o Nathaniel, b. 1802, Conn.; d. 4-16-1881, 79y

Hiram, s/o Nathaniel & Laura (Studley) Ford, d. 12-14-1822/7, 4m 17d, --D.A.R. records 1827

"Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest,

To call thee home God thought it best."

George, s/o Nathaniel & Laura (Studley) Ford, d. 11-11-1829, 1y 1m 29d

Orren, s/o Nathaniel & Laura (Studley) Ford, b. 3-17-1833; d. 1-29-1890, 57y

William C., s/o Orren & Sarah E. Ford, b.1858/9-1913

William, b. 1800; d. 9-12-1878, 78y

Almira Rachel, lst w/o William; d/o Alexander & Rachel (Kilburn) Barber; b. 3-1-1809; d. 12-12-1862, 53y

Diana, d/o William & Almira (Barber) Ford, d. 3-28-1872, 44y

Betsey, d/o William & Almira (Barber) Ford, d. 11-30-1850, 19y

Frank, d/o Oren & Sarah E. Ford, d. 4-26-1863, 2y 6m

Nellie, d/o Oren & Sarah E. Ford, d. 5-1-1863, 7m 15d

Asalp? (or Asa P.H), b. 1806; d. 10-22-1828, 22y 7m11d

Alfred W., s/o Nathaniel & Laura (Studley) Ford, b. 1823, Elba; d. 2-9-1902, 79y 2m 2d

Caroline A., w/o Alfred W.; d/o ________ & Caroline (Feunen) McIntyre; b.6-17-1829, Chautaugua Co.; d. 6-30-1914, 85y

Henry W., s/o Alfred & Caroline (McIntyre) Ford, d. 4-8-1863, 9y 7m 23d

Elizabeth S., w/o Riley, d. 11-19-1849 (laying on ground)

Sarah P. (Buckland), w/o Orrin, d. 10-25-1920, 85y

Benjamin --buried marker broken

Infant - --can't make it out


Edward, infant s/o James & Carrie

2 other graves unmarked


Mary A., w/o George W.; d/o Orrelle & Chloe A. (Benedict) Whipple; b. 1858,Elba; d. 2-12-1923, 64y


Harrison Ferguson, b. 6-24-1862, Elba; d. 9-9-1910

Rachel A., w/o Harrison; d/o John & Rachel (Bridgeman) Burling; 1867-1943



4 other graves (D.A.R. records)


Freeman Ford, s/o Osro A. & Laura (Ford) Gould, 1863-1913

Laura L. (Ford), w/o Osro A., b. 1838, Elba; d. 12-14-1913, 75y **stone with Mother and dates on it

Osro A., b. 1833; d. 7-12-1897, 64y **stone with Father and dates on it

Anson I., b. 1828, d. 4-15-1862, 33y 9m 15d (Sunk in ground)

Aurilla M., d/o Anson & Mary J. (Phillips) Gould, d. 2-14-1864, 2y 2m

Baby, 1871

Aurilla, w/o Isaac; d/o Alexander & Rachel (Kilburn) Barber; b. 9-21-1804; d. 11-12-1889

Lila, w/o Freeman F.; d/o James Barber, b. 5-30-1864, Middleburg, Schoharie Co.; d. 4-13-1918

James Barber, b. 8-17-1895, Elba; d. 10-1-1961, 66y

Gertrude (Bidwell), w/o James B., 1899-1979


George Washington, Jr., s/o George W., Sr. & Minnie Amanda Graham; b. 2-5-1849, Bat.; 7-21-1923

Elva (or Eva J.), w/o George W.; d/o Orrell & Chloe A. (Benedict) Whipple, b. 9-3-1851, Addison, Steuben Co., N.Y.; d. 9-6-1929


Laura (Ford), w/o John, b. 1841; d. 2-4-1863, 21y 4m --appears on Nathaniel Ford's stone


Benajah A. --obliterated, d. 5-3-1855, 6/75y

Ruth, w/o Benajah, -obliterated

Margaret, d/o Benajah & Ruth, b. 1822; d. 3-24-1904, 82y 3m

R. G.

Henry, b. 1805, Sangerfield; d. 7-20-1871, 68y

Louisa (Allen), w/o Henry, d. 9-13-1850, 43y

"Weep not for me,

Weep for yourself."

Betsey A., d/o Henry & Louisa (Allen) Griswold, b. 3-3-1840; d. 10-18-1840, 7m 15d


Theodore, b. 1835; d. 3-24-1910, 75y

Mary S., w/o Theodore, b. 1827, Germany; d. 9-26-1909, 82y


Clark E., s/o Lauren & Elmira (Clark) Heath, b. 11-7-1851, Lakeville, N.Y.; d. 6-10-1928

Florence A., w/o Clark E.; d/o Elias P. & Maria R. (Griswold) Lampson; b. 6-8-1852/4, E. Elba; d. 9-26-1925


Anna (Clark), w/o Isaac and mother of Ruth Mills, d. 9-11-1838, 84y

Levi C., s/o Isaac & Louisa (Campbell) Higley, b. 3-18-1871, Byron; d. 9-17-1959, 88y

Lulu, w/o Levi C.; d/o Erwin L. & Georgiana (Clugston) Long; b. 10-1-1874, LaGrange Co., Ind.; d. 3-21-1951

Anson, s/o Isaac Jr. & Dorothy (Kilborn) Higley, b. 11-13-1811, Elba; d. 2-7-1894, 82y

Lydia C. (Newkirk), w/o Anson, d. 10-5-1867, 49y

Isaac, --obliterated (sunk in ground)

Dorothy, w/o Isaac; d/o Timothy & Mary (Deming) Kilborn; d. 11-4-1852, 69y

Horace, s/o Isaac & Dorothy (Kilborn) Higley, d. 12-28-1828, 25y

Isaac N., .s/o Isaac & Dorothy (Kilborn) Higley, --buried in ground


Robert, b. Germany; d. 12-20-1897, 51y


Dr. Silas, d. 3-22-1835, 78y4d

Tirzah, w/o Dr. Silas, d. 6-13-1853, 84y 5m

Theston, s/o Theston & Jerusha, d. 10-12-1827, 3y

Silas L., s/o Theston & Jerusha, d. 9-13-1823, 1y 2d

Mary Ann, d/o Walter & Emily (Higley) Holbrook, d. 8-14-1825, 3y 5m 10d

"Ah death, I yield to thee,

My friends, I leave my God to see."


Catharine, d. 9-7-1850, 24y


Ira, s/o John & Esther (Waller) Howe, b. 4-3-1793, Scranton, Pa.; d. 4-9-1867, 75y

Elizabeth, w/o Ira, b. 11-25-1792; d. 11-8-1832, 40y 11m 14d

Mary A., d/o Ira & Elizabeth, d. 6-21-1840, 17y 4m 3d

Edward F., s/o Ira & Elizabeth, b. 7-13-1831; d. 1-2-1858, 26y

John, s/o John & Mary (Wadhams) Howe, b. 4-22-1767, Cannon, Conn.; d. 3-16-1852, 85y

Esther (Waller), w/o John, b. 3-21-1768; d. 2-27-1822

Francis A., b. 8-5-1834; d. 8-20-1890

Phoebe Almeda, w/o Francis A.; d/o John & Phebe (Dunning) Taylor, b. 7-21-1836, Byron; d. 9-18-1927

Phineas, s/o John & Esther (Waller) Howe, b. 10-28-1794; d. 4-16-1891, 95y 6m

Achsah, s/o John & Esther (Waller) Howe, b. 4-15-1808; d. - ) --stone flaked off

Ruth (White), 1792-1866


Simeon W., s/o Simeon & Achsah (Walker) Hosmer, b. 11-15-1818, Byron; d. 12-31-1893 "Father"


Alonzo I., s/o Ira & Hannah (Griswold) Hulett, b. 9-25-1822, Byron; d. 4-8-1906, 83y

Mariette (McIntyre), w/o Alonzo I., b. 1824; d. 12-4-1898, 75y

Infant s/o Alonzo I. & Mariette (McIntyre) Hulett, b. 8-7-1855; d. 8-24-1855

Ira, 1797-1874

Hannah, 1801-1860

Mary M., adopted d/o Alonzo & Mariette (McIntyre) Hulett; b. 1858, Jackson, Mich.; d. 5-12-1938, 80y


Oliver T., s/o Seymour & Diantha Hunn, b. 10-23-1843, Springfield, Mass.; d. 6-19-1932, 88y

Laura Aurilla, w/o Oliver T.; d/o Joel M. & Acenith (Howe) Barber; b. 1846, Elba; d. 8-4-1895

Mary D., d/o Oliver T. & Laura (Barber) Hunn, d. 9-3-1882, 11m


Rineear, b. 1850, Canada; d. 9-8-1905, 55y

Mary (Johnson), w/o Rineear, 1851-1923

Henry A., s/o Rineear & Mary (Johnson) Hunt

Adelbert, s/o Rineear & Mary (Johnson) Hunt


James, d. 9-29-1849, - 75y

"He shall return no more to his house;

Neither shall his place know him anymore."


Ruth, d. 4-12-1888, 87y

David A., 1842-1889

Ju1ia A., 1840-1878

Marion, b. 1854; d. 4-25-1905, 51y


Larry W., b. ? , d. 1943

Candace, w/o Larry W.; d/o Locklin & Natalie (Dorf) Norton; b. 4-4-1943, Batavia; d. 11-23-1979


Samuel, b. 11-8-1850, Eng.; d. 1928, -stone says b.1856 "Father"

Carrie (Meyers), w/o Samuel, b. 9-6-1862, Bushville; d. 10-20-1913 "Mother"


Richard, b. 1850; d. 4-29-1892, 44y "Father"

Sophia, w/o Richard, 1857-1945 "Mother"

Jessie, d/o Richard & Sophia, 1885-1888 "Daughter"

Ellen, d/o Richard & Sophia, b. 1876; d. 1-2-1895, 20y


David, d. 8-31-1866, 86y

Hannah, w/o David Kilburn, d. 4-1-1848, 70y


Silas K., b. 5-6-1821, Chesterfield, Mass.; d. 2-10-1909, 87y 9m 4d, Sgt. Co. H. 78th Regt. N.Y. Vol.

Elizabeth, w/o Edward; d/o John & Christine (Neindorf) Will; b. 10-17-1858; d. 6-12-1935


Elias P., b. 1817; d. 9-16-1900, 83y

Maria R., w/o Elias P.; d/o Benajah & Ruth Griswold; b.1824; d. 1-25-1892


Hannah, w/o Henry, d. 12-23-1864, 54y


Harriet F., w/o Ransom, d. 3-6-1852, 32y


Norman, d. 6-5-1849, 27y (laying on ground)

_________, d. 6-27-1855, 21y-D.A.R. records


Deacon Timothy P., d. 12-4-1873, 81y

Minerva, w/o Timothy P., d. 5-24-1877, 78y

"Time is sweet, rest in Heaven."

Orin P., s/o Timothy & Minerva Lord, d. 4-8-1865, 31y

"So Jesus wept."


Jesse, d. 8-29-1827, 67y


Henry W., d. 3-15-1879, 80y

Sarah, w/o Henry, d. 3-10-1878, 77y

James, - b. 4-2-1844, Elba; d. 7-28-1913

George W., s/o Henry & Sarah, b. 7-6-1838, Stafford; d. 5-10-1911,1st Lt. Co. K. 94th Regt. N.Y.S. Vol.

Louise, w/o George W., d. 10-31-1889, 51y

Sidney S., d. 1-5-1858, 23y 3m 11d

Lewis, s/o Henry & Sarah, d. 11-25-1864, 23y -killed by guard at Salisbury Prison, NC in Civil War

Hannah (Buel)


William, 1860-1928


William, -appears on map

Mrs. William


Amos, b. 1791, Mass.; d. 1873

Nancy, 1st w/o Amos, 1790-1829

Eleanor, 2nd w/o Amos, 1799-1840

Sophia, 3rd w/o Amos, 1798-1866, 68y

Nancy, d/o Amos & Nancy, d. 3-19-1833, 3y 2m 21d

Amos, s/o Amos & Nancy, d. 3-17-1823, 1y 10m

Malinda, d/o Amos & Eleanor, d. 5-22-1840, 13d

Infant d/o Amos & Eleanor, d. March 1830, 2hrs

Joseph Waller, b. 1826; d. 3-4-1886

Zipha M., w/o Joseph W.; d/o Joel & Mercy (Barber) Mills; b. 1827, Elba; d. 2-11-1905, 77y

Ardelle M., d/o Joseph & Zilpha (Mills) McIntyre, d. 12-6-1870, lm 9d

Baby, of Joseph & Zilpha (Mills) McIntyre, b. & d. 1853

Birti L., s/o L. S. & M., d. 3-10-1872, l0rn


Clara Eliza, d/o Carlton & Mary Blackmer, b. 1834, Newstead; d. 11-11-1898

Nettie May, w/o Elmer E.; d/o Oliver T. & Laura A. (Barber) Hunn; d. 11-24-1892, 24y

"Nettie May' your sweet patience intercedes,

To open wide the doors and your soft fingers

Guide us when we reach the other shore."

Mary J., b. 1854, d. 3- -1912, 57y


Mary, d/o Joseph & Louisa, d. 9-20-1883, 25y


Peddy, d. 3-9-1844, 72y (laying on ground)

"The voyage of life is at an end,

The mortal affliction is past;

The age that in Heaven we spend,

Forever and ever shall last."

Joel, b. 1798, Vt., d. 3-8-1861, 72y War of 1812 marker

"To die is gain."

Mercy, w/o Joel; d/o Alexander & Rachel (Kilburn) Barber; d. 2-24-1873, 76y

"She rests from her labors & her works do follow her. "

Ancil D., s/o Joel & Mercy (Barber) Mills, b. 3-17-1825, Elba; d. 7-30-1902

Amanda M., w/o Ancil D.; d/o John & Phebe (Dunning) Taylor; b.9-17-1826; d. 12-9-1890

Ardon J., s/o Ancil & Amanda (Taylor) Mills, b. 1860; d. 3-6-1865, 5y 23d

Ellen A., d/o Ancil & Amanda (Taylor) Mills, 1869-1877

Frances E., d/o Olin & Ella (Howe) Mills, b. 2-6-1883, Elba; d. 11-7-1922

Olin John, s/o Ancil & Amanda (Taylor) Mills, b. 5-5-1857, Elba; d. 10-13-1917

Daniel, b. 12-9-1795, Pawlet, Rutland Co., V t.; d. 12-21-1872,87y; --Civil War

Ruth S., w/o Daniel; d/o Isaac & Dorothy (Kilborn) Higley; b. Conn; d. 10-10-1870, 86y

Orson D., s/o Daniel & Ruth (Higley) Mills, d. 3-8-1822, 2y

Ruth (Mrs.??), d. 3-8-1822, 2y7m2d --D.A.R. records

John W., s/o John H. & Charlotte, d. 11-22-1829, 5d

Erastus H., s/o Erastus W. & Sally P., d. 8-1-1828, 6weeks

Ella May, w/o Olin J.; d/o Alfron W. & Sarah E. (Newkirk) Howe; b. 5-2/3-1859, E. Elba; d. 5-18-1939

Sarah Annette, d/o Olin & Ella (Howe) Mills, b. 9-16-1885, Elba; d. 12-11-1970

Earl M., s/o Olin & Ella (Howe) Mills, b. 6-15-1895, Rochester; d. 4-7-1979 US Navy WW I

L. P. M. --D.A.R. records


Berton J., s/o Charles M. & Agnes (Burling) Morley, b. 1877, Byron; d. 12-27-1949

Jessie E., w/o Berton J.; d/o William A. & Margaret (Anderson) Barber; b. 12-10-1881, E. Elba; d. 8-30-1961

Walter Edmund, s/o Berton J. & Jessie E. (Barber) Morley, b. 2-6-1905; d. 3-14-1913

Charles Willard, s/o Berton J. & Jessie E. (Barber) Morley, b. 1910; d. 3-12-1913


Kenneth M., b. 3-25-1924, d. 3-1-1993, PVT US Army WW II


Hector, --name appears on map


Martha A., lst w/o Daniel Snyder; d/o Freeman Barber; b. 2-10-1842; d. 5-14-1921, 79y


Pamela, w/o A. T., d. 5-16-1863, 66y, -D.A.R. records shows Parmelia and age 44y

John, - --names appear on map

Mrs. John


Julia A., b. 11-2-1897, d. 5-7-1989


Horace B., b. 1813, Bloomfield, N.Y. or V t.; d. 8-29-1888, 66y

Fidelia Cordelia, w/o Horace B.; d/o Daniel & Ruth (Higley) Mills; b. 1817, E. Elba; d. 11-7-1894

Gaylord L., son of Locklin & Electa (Gaylord) Norton, b. 5-5-1875, E. Elba; d. 10-21-1949

Ivie E., w/o Gaylord L.; d/o Charles & Ruth (Smith) Lilly; b. 4-13-1876, Alabama; d. 12-22-1959

Hector, s/o John & Ann Norton, d. 4-19-1839, 2y 2m

"What we formerly called ours, belongs to Heaven,

Great Lord, the blessings lent us for a day,

Are soon to be restored."

Locklin, 1783-1860, --War of 1812

Laura A. (Wright), w/o Locklin, b. 1786; d. 8-14-1859

Lucius, s/o Locklin & Laura (Wright) Norton, d. 9-24-1862, 39y

Polly Ann, d/o Locklin & Laura (Wright) Norton; w/o William Standish; d. 8-15-1846, 29y

Locklin H., s/o Horace & Fidelia (Mills) Norton, b. 10-2-1847, Elba; d. 2-17-1926

Electa Parsons (Gaylord), w/o Locklin H., b. 1846; d. 5-10-1875, 27y

Candace H., d/o Horace & Fidelia (Mills) Norton, b. 1849, E. Elba; d. 3-23-1909, 60y 1m 12d Francis A., d/o Horace & Fidelia (Mills) Norton, b. 12-3-1839, Elba; d. 9-5-1913

Myron W., s/o Horace & Fidelia (Mills) Norton, b. 1844, E. Elba; d. 6-18-1911, 67y 4m 18d

Mary Ruth, d/o Horace & Fidelia (Mills) Norton, b. 3-31-1846, Elba; d. 2-2-1922

Polly, d/o Charles & Amy, d. 8-25-1829, 11y

"So soon our transient comforts fly,

And pleasures only bloom to die."

Locklin G., s/o Gaylord & Ivie (Lilly) Norton, b. 7-5-1915, Elba; d. 6-5-1986

Natalie (Dorf), w/o Locklin G., b.1914; d. ?


Lucetta, w/o John D., d. 11-1-1889, 81y


Wallace James, s/o Daniel Webster & Matilda (Nook) Orr, b. 11-21-1868, Alabama; d. 10-27-1939, 70y

Ada M., w/o Wallace J.; d/o John & Sarah (Clapp) Newkirk; b. 7-1-1871; d. 8-3-1965


Ellen F. (Walker), w/o John W., d. 6-20-1876, 31y 9m

Frances, d/o John W. & Ellen F. (Walker) Parnell, d. 4-10-1874, 2y 6m 17d (laying on ground)

W. Jay b. 6-20-1876, Elba; d. 5-1-1917


Lucy, w/o William D., d. 8-15-1835, 17y 8m


George W., b. 1834; d. 3-30-1924, 89y

Elizabeth, w/o George W., 1900-1999

Susan, w/o George W.; d/o Alanson & Louisa (Tanner) Willis; b. 9-15-1841, Byron; d. 3-13-1914

Baby of George W. & Susan (Willis) Porter, d. 12-23-1871, 6m 18d

Frances -no dates

2 small stones and one large one obliterated

Dorothy, w/o Carlton; d/o Adam & Josephine (Ziarno) Klimajeski; b. 3-6-1932, W. Hampton Beach, L.I.; d. 5-3-1985

Carlton J., 1899-1994


Jessie, -appears on map


Ella, w/o Prof. Wellington A. Putnam; d/o Eli & Harriet (McIntyre) Taylor; b. 8-5-1870, Elba; d.



Frank L., b. 1902; d. 4-7-1975

Rachel, w/o Frank L.; d/o Freeman F. & Lilia (Barber} Gould, 1901-1985


Moses, d. 10-15-1832, 77y

Jonathan, d. 4-10-1830, 45y

Debby Ann, d/o Jonathan & Sally Rolfe, d. 8-29-1831, 14y 5m 7d

Anna, w/o Samuel, d. 2-17-1828, 29y 7m


Zilpha, d/o Samuel & Jane Sacket, d. 1-1-1828, 5y **slate stone


Sylvester H., s/o Asa & Esther (Taylor) Sawtell, d. 8-6-1828, 12y 10m, -drowned


Walter, d. 9-13-1841, 43y


Edward, b. 8-30-1929, d. 2-25-1999, PFC US Army WW II

Phyllis M., 1928-*


Aseneth, d. 9-2-1862, 80 y --appears on Mather stone


Ellis, s/o Daniel & Martha (Barber) Snyder, b. 1865, E. Elba; d. 1910, 43y

Charles, s/o John & Mary (Watson) Speed, b. 10-3-1853, Elba; d. 7-30-1928

Mabel A., w/o Charles; d/o Amander & Adelia (Griswold) Crocker; b. 1847; d. 2-3-1909, 61y 10m


Lucina, d/o Ira & Mary, d. 10-17-1848, 3y


Polly Ann, w/o William; d/o Locklin & Laura (Wright) Norton; d. 8-15-1846, 29y


John H., s/o Charles & Mary, d. 12-18-1879, 16y


Dr. Silas, b .2 -10 -1787; d .6-24-1875, 88 y

John, s/o Zeeb & Lydia (Taylor) Taylor, b. 6-6-1801, Scipio, Cayuga Co., N.Y.; d. 3-7-1884, 83y

Phebe (Dunning), w/o John, b. 3-9-1799, Cayuga; d. 3-19-1865, 68y

Zeeb, d. 8-5-1825, 75y

Lydia, w/o Zeeb; d/o Otheniel & Martha (Arms) Taylor, b. 3-16-1760; d. 10-18-1844, 84y 7m

Eli, s/o John & Phebe (Dunning) Taylor, b. 10-8-1830, Elba; d. 10-13-1904, 75y 5d

Harriet E., w/o Eli; d/o Amos & Eleanor McIntyre, b. 11-9-1834, Elba; d. 3-26-1925, 90y

Frank E., s/o Eli & Harriet (McIntyre) Taylor, d. 10-23-1865, 4y 3m 2d

Fred E., s/o Eli & Harriet (McIntyre) Taylor, d. 1-26-1876, 2m l0d

Elijah, s/o Zeeb & Lydia (Taylor) Taylor, b. 2-4-1779; d. 10-24-1843, 64y 8m 20d

Isabel, w/o Elijah, d. 1-19-1829, 42y


Belinda, w/o Owen, d. 3-6-1860, 86y


Mary Wight, w/o Charles Elbert, b. 7-2-1926, d. *

Charles Elbert, b. 8-18-1927, d. 4-5-1989

Van Brunt

Kenneth A., s/o Kenneth & Lovina, d. 10-9-1854, 8y 3m10d


William F., s/o Henry & Sarah (Fowler) Van Valkenburg; (b. 7-8-1869, Groveland; d. 11-27-1954

Lottie, w/o William; d/o Osro A. & Laura (Ford) Gould; b. 1875, Elba; d. 8-8-1940


Joseph A., d. 5-3-1843, 39y

Old stone next to it obliterated


Adaline, d/o Isaac G. & Jane Mary (Follett) Waldron, d. 4-6-1854, 11m 20d


Orrin, b. 1784; d. 1-4-1868, 73y

Roxana, w/o Orrin, d. 12-25-1858, 56y

Nancy Genette, d/o Orrin & Roxana Waller, d. 10-13-1838, 12y

Nancy, d/o Orrin & Roxana Waller, d. 10-13-1818, 10y --D.A.R. records

Ashbel, b. 1806; d. 8-16-1858, 52y 6m

Mary Ann, w/o Ashbel, d. 1-22-1885, 75y

Amanda Malvina, d/o Ashbel & Mary Ann Waller, d. 5-16-1842, 10y6m19d --D.A.R. records 1812

-old stone buried

Joseph, buried

Asher, d. 8-8-1831, 30y

Heber, d., 8-10-1838, 46y

"Man that is born of a woman, etc."

Hannah, d. 12-2-1846, 81/4y

Clarissa, w/o Parley Waller, b. 1800; d. 8-14-1834, 34y 3m

Niram, b. 1791; d. 4-24-1833, 42y

Adaliza, d/o Niram & Florilla Waller, d. 9-9-1824, 2y 4m 3d

________, d. 10-12-1867, 6 weeks ?


Josephine, 1908-1966 "Mother"


Sarah J., w/o H. R., d. 10-22-1848, 21y --appears on monument with

Sally Barber and Charles Barrett


Caleb, b. 9-2-1822; d. 9-3-1899, 76y

Alzina, w/o Caleb; d/o William & Rachel (Barber) Ford, b. 12-10-1826, Elba; d. 3-9-1888, 62y

Almira M., d/o Caleb & Alzina (Ford) Wells, d. 1-1-1854, 6y

Eva L., d/o Caleb & Alzina (Ford) Wells, d. 5-22-1862, 8y


Orrell, b. 1818; d. 2-1-1896, 76y

Chloe A., w/o Orrell; d/o John & Elizabeth (Dart) Benedict; b. 1818; d. 3-8-1901, 83y


Ezekiel, d. 1-23-1833, 68y

Lucy (Colburn), w/o Ezekiel, d. 5-18-1861, 93y 6m

Dan1el, b.6 -1795; d. 8-26-1881, 86y 2m

Hannah, w/o Daniel; d/o Alexander & Rachel (Kilburn) Barber; b. 1798; d. 12-3-1868, 70y

Milo F., b. 1830, Elba; d. 5-22-1912, 82y

Alvira (Cartwright), w/o Milo F., b. 12-12-1834, Elba; d. 5-19-1918

Stone obliterated

Sarah E., w/o William; d/o John & Rachel (Bridgeman) Burling; b. 3-18-1865, Penfield; d. 7-6-1894, 29y


James - --names appear on map

Mrs. James




Myron - (real name, Mario Giovanelli), b. 12-6-1888, Italy; d. 2-24-1978

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